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How To Learn Sign Language

Gender Equality Index 2019 – What does your life look like?

I work in a food company, as the Chief Financial Officer. At home, I take care of my teenage kids, my husband and my mother. I manage, but I really miss playing tennis with my friends. Since Ilze was born, I took parental leave, so my daily routine is now focused on her – changing nappies, feeding her, playing games. I really love the times when she calls for me. It’s also great that my wife can continue her career. I feel I can predict the weather these days. When there is a drop in the temperature, I can feel it in my knees and my blood pressure. Anyway, I never miss my walks by the seaside every evening. I am deaf. Finding a job was not easy, but I recently started working in a school where I teach sign language to kids. I love my new job!

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