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How To Learn Sign Language

Garden – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

On-screen CC, enjoy!

7 Replies to “Garden – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)”

  • nice to see new bsl tutorial   …..very clear and very easy to understand grwat job jessica  impressive

  • this is really good! also just wondering, how did u learn sign language? im hearing but i want to learn because its useful and looks really fun but i can't seem to find a place near me that does classes )-:

  • Loved this! I have a question. I've read that it's common practise to use your dominant hand while writing as your dominant hand while signing. Although I'm right handed, it feels more natural to use my left hand. Would that be a problem or an oddity ongoing?

  • Hi Jessica, I'm teaching myself sign language from these videos and I was wondering if you could do a video on connectives? Like "and" or maybe one on words like "together" "apart" "over there" just because I'm worried that I'll come across as very abrupt otherwise haha x

  • when you signed for ‘flower’, you touched from your right to left cheek, but when you signed for ‘cutting a flower’ you went from left to right ? I hardly know anything about sign language but I was just curious if it would have a different meaning if I touched right to left when signing ‘cutting a flower’ !

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