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How To Learn Sign Language

Games for learning American Sign Language!

first game is a lot like the game lets play
zoo or big booty. If you have played either of those games, then you already know how
to play! This is a good group game. you need like at least 4 or 5 people to make it work.
So usually this would be good for a classroom because you can do it with as many people
as you want. A whole classroom, a club, the more people the merrier. The first thing you
do is everyone needs to pick one sign for themselves. So, usually there is a category.
Like whatever you’re learning in class. Like if that day you learned animals in class,
then everyone’s going to pick an animal sign to be there own sign. No repeats! they should
be all different signs. So lets say I pick turtle because I always pick turtle because…
Turtle! Its so freaking cute! That or Platypus but either way! How the game works is you
start by setting a rhythm. Slap slap Clap, Slap slap clap. and then one person will start.
And what you do is you do Slap Slap sign your sign then slap slap you sign someone else’s
sign. So if somebody else is platypus, then I just sign their sign. So they have Slap
slap and then they have to sign their sign and then someone elses sign. Like if someone
had Cat. and then the person’s who’s cat, slap slap, has to sign Cat and then *slap
slap* dog. Its goes around in any order you want. You just kinda like pick a random sign
and its a great way to learn some new vocab. Its also really fun. If you’re with a group
of people that played it a lot, it gets really fast and really intense. And you dont have
any time to think “Oh your signs cat! whats the sign for cat?” no you have to know right
away like your sign is cat. and it has to be like all one thought process. because you’ve
only got *slap slap* that much time to do it. So it gets really fun and intense. Its
a good like, ice breaker if you’re in a club or a good like, end of class game or beginning
of class game. Its just good to kinda help you remember some vocab. Um and you can do
it with any kinds of vocab. You can do it with animals, you can do it with family members,
you can do it with… numbers, though that would be weird. anything. any vocab you learned
that day will be the choice signs for you guys. I know we’ve done it with just random
vocab. Because we’ve learned just like, conversation vocab and we did it with that. So you can
literally do it with anything. You just have to pick a sign. Second game! Its like sign
language Telephone. and if anyone knows how to play telephone its when you whisper a word
into someones ear and then that person whispers it to the next one and the next one next one
until you get to the end of the line and the last person says it and it never turns out
to be what the first person said. We use that in sign language to practice finger spelling!.
So what it is is you’re all in a line facing the front of that classroom, or the front
of whatever room you’re in and the person in the back of the line is going to tap on
the person in front of them. That person’s gonna turn around and watch the person in
the back sign a word. Any word.They could sign DOG and then the next person has to turn
around, tap on the person in front of them. They’re gonna turn around, You’re going to
show them the sign and they are going to pass it on to the person in front of them, Pass
it on to the person in front of them until you get to the front and that person has to
sign the sign for that word. So if they did dog then you have to sign Dog. and it gets
fun if you use really big words. I know we’ve played it where the word at the end was literally
nothing like the word at the beginning. Because sometimes people like to be tricky and sign
like really fast finger spelling or they pick a word that has a lot of double letters and
thats really hard to see in sign language so its fun!. Its a lot of fun and its a great
way to practice finger spelling because the alphabet is SO important in sign language.
So important! So you have to be able to finger spell. Third game! This is a game that you
play with less people. 2 people. If you’ve ever played like um… patty cake kind of
games, You’ve probably play concentration. This is essentially that game. But instead
of saying the words, You’re going to sign them. And how it works, You pick a category
and then both of you have to bounce off saying words from that category. So if I pick Animals,
then Im going to say an animal then the other person’s going to say an animal then im going
to say an animal again. And it goes back and forth and back and forth in rhythm! until
somebody stumbles or repeats an animal. So I play this game with sign language in that
instead of saying the words, you sign them. so you slap on your thighs twice and instead
of doing the slap slap thing like you actually do, you sign a word. so I would do slap slap
platypus, and then the other person might do slap slap monkey, and then I would have
to come up with another animal within that *slap slap* and its hard! Its a great way
to kinda make you use signs that you don’t use a lot. because you are going to run out
of your normal vocab FAST! so you’ve got to think of all those random signs you learned
that you dont really use often. You have to have kind of like a referee there to decide
whether you’re signing the right sign for the word and if you sign the wrong sign, you
lose. If you repeat a sign, you lose. And if you can’t think of a sign fast enough,
you lose. Its very competitive, a lot of fun and yeah! I’ll give you a bonus game! It’s
Hangman. Exactly how you think it is. You just, its hangman. You play hangman. and people
have to raise their hands and sign the letter and then you have to play hangman and write
if the letters there or if its not there. At the end if they are going to guess the
word, they have to sign the word. Not finger spell the whole word. They have to sign it.
So if the word is Butterfly then they have to sign Butterfly. Okay!So those are the games
that I like to play to help me learn some vocab.These are all games that I use with
my sign language club. and I hope you guys use them. Feel free to share this video with
your class or with your clubs. You guys can play some of these game. I think they’re a
lot of fun. They help me a lot. They help my club members a lot.its great for bonding,
its great for learning. Okay, thanks for voting for this video! If you want to vote for what
video I should make next, make sure to follow me twitter. Thats where I put these polls.
and yeah! Thanks for watching! love you guys! Bye!

32 Replies to “Games for learning American Sign Language!”

  • hey Anissa,, the sign your using for PLATYPUS is actually the sign for SEA TURTLE. there are two different signs for a land turtle and a sea turtle. Love your videos by the way.

  • When I was learning sign language in college, the way I learnt my finger spelling was basically spelling everything I saw. Whenever I rode the elevator, I spelt it out. Car, stairs, classroom, everything. This was before learning words. Not so much games but worked for me lol 🙂 I love your ideas!

  • I love your videos they are so awesome and I'm self teaching myself ASL and I actually would love to make a request for a song.. The song title is Take it out on me. and the artist is Thousand Foot Krutch.

  • Hey girl 🙂 you have add cc.. auto generated sucks the words are hardly ever right..oh thank you for this video.

  • I can't think of an absolute favorite sign right now, but one of my favorites is the sign for cheese, lol. Thanks for this video!

  • Anissa! Your Youtube Channel helps me out so much, so thank you! I am taking classes to become an ASL Translator, and you're doing a great job learning! So thank you, I'm going to add you on SC! Lol

  • Love it!!!! I plan on using it with my club at school. Any other interesting and fun ideas for club will be welcomed!!!!!!!

  • Girl! you're signing first, second, third, incorrectly, you're signing , once, twice…. get your shit together!

  • Another really rad game is Hellen Keller
    you basically just put everyone in a line and the first person is given a word to finger spell
    the catch is you aren't allowed to see it, so the person being spelled to has to feel the letter and try to figure out the word letter by letter like that.
    when they move onto the next person everyone before isn't allowed to help so if they mess up the word you watch your team crumble haha
    it's really fun to race other teams and if you're using themed words it helps develop the skill of figuring out what is being said early on with just context

  • Im gonna show these ideas to my asl teacher. Idk if he'll do them but maybe if we have a few minutes left in class or something 😂

    Also my favorite sign is probably now platapus now. However, before that it was tiger. Total coincidence theyre both animals haha

  • I've been doing this thing where I watch videos of people using asl over songs, and I look up the lyrics to see what the sign is supposed to be. I did this, and it took me 20 minutes to learn Grand Ol' Flag. If I don't watch a video because people skip out too many of the words, I look up the words individually, until I finish the song.

  • Hi Anissa, I just started to learn ASL sign language but. I'm just still at the beginning phase of learning to sign the ABC's of finger spelling part of sign language.
    I'm currently self teaching myself by watching the YouTube videos for ASL Sign Language.
    Do you have any advice for those that are learning to sign on they're own.

  • Oh how I HAT(ED) telephone!!! I'm HOH and even though the game becomes fun when the word doesn't make any sense in the end, it ISN'T fun, knowing that you're always the (first) reason the word didn't make sense anymore. You know?
    Like I can't understand whispering it's kind of just like… wind for me? So yeah…😂🤔

    In primary school when the teacher said "We're playing Telephone!" everyone was like "Hooray!" and I was like "Oh noooo…"😂😂😂

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