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[FULL HD] Travis Scott LIVE at ACL Fest 2018 w/ Mike Dean (Austin City Limits Weekend 1)

You won’t be Oh Yeah, it makes it motherfucking night But you tell me with you know top Like Put your hand to the sky After Jinpa effigy onesies She’s going but you go buddy Father Hey see ya what the fuck is up, baby? We got a special show tonight I got my boy by D na here with me tonight Man I’ve been waiting to do this customer for a very long time Let’s do it what the Kraken you already know boo adhere to what beats up straight train club and the world is Nasty and you stand on the scene of history. I got this We go You know You know, you know, you know, you know Depends on acetate I know bad news The ones goddess of bluest back Body spacer after all you fans to basket much. I do bother to lie to last keep the plaster – Cosima I’m Seto and it Soviet so I Seto Jesus Ricky nobody memo you’re trying to be But never Street the mother The speed god no Or taking back two days before rodeo days Let’s do it chase be myself wishing Mamacita where you are, let’s go See It’s a change that if you go there put some call can take But she deleted secretly Really Freaking with a knife down the sheet clam no wait, maybe my damn it Come on stop big booties. Let me feel be dead 30 buddy. No illusion if ability The pistol back on a ticket cuz I really And I get away but level the machine mamacita Mama Sita Sita Let’s do it Yeah, I know It feels about this when every chain of a mother Girl she go Oh Get to the crib You see each other? Hello, I’m Ivette nigga sneaking away James are with the My father’s we better check I can’t get no No Don’t you think Yeah, yeah, yeah Okay, fuck me by surprise That is why I am so pleased Yeah Take a mommy come on, come on We job Wow Gosselaar please come Doesn’t trust Can’t fall asleep Nothing The doctor Each time we check the hand namaste Hi Probably In cowboy get back Auggie’s rise by me Really Let’s do it I Know I’m trying here Which in our zone this dry total party no we Wow Yeah They see how easily I think he said a CEO how we fill it and I Okay, let’s do it And man guitar They took the side Take a sill bilges hobby or freeway This bus in males stare like that When the mod to that you run the tag, she got away – stop it – ah I did The man we can time – my caddy Dogs are An offense never going to the boat on the slates antenna running back to the light song when I hear that Got across but it does dancer in Accardi with the Sunday The same one me the tax back because you know what I Oh, man, we But See that candy cane Hey deal, Austin Yeah before I keep going, um, it’s one of my friends about the bucket birthday Okay so on the count of three I Want everybody to say happy birthday to Prakash? one two Thomas To get a My job is to one Yeah Bye-bye Yeah My cat They don’t like the EPA Today we played all through the lane. You see today Oh Goddamn I’ll see y’all motherfuckers on a team photo turn the lights on – hands up to the sky turn the lights up God damn – so many people here tonight Um, I just want to system love this childish gambino For everybody in Austin, we love you So everybody two hands to the sky Then will chase me drop this beat What everybody’s Ohio, baby And I love your Austin yeah gasps go through them When I originally made this song I was supposed to I supposed to put like a home like A drop in front of that to do like they’ll put yourself all nights at the start like all the songs I’ll have to sit but like this is like one of our favorites also. Do you have a cell phone? Let’s put that light in the sky right now It’s so deep in here tonight Wow, this is crazy. All right chase B. Let’s do it Yeah you Which is why can’t you tell check it was good Outside It’s back Jackson But you’ll be in the ocean if I can Steady video show Bad memories Steady baby ocean Said this watching me standing in the Stayed a video show The ocean Everybody You stand in the ocean Sweet working Oh, let’s do it It’s funny the shit on me. She says you want mom peace,peace,peace By swiping Right There’s a girl’s gotta copy Try to take my account But to take that Disney changes like a watch him take that I put a cake in indeed but the telemedicine is me I’ve seen a lot of cell phones and I seen a lot of cell phone ringing chase be Never will not you know, you never were Dimitri To another enemy To me You Baby Alright, let’s take it up a notch Don’t you open up that way? Yeah Scusa Oh Only That’s all we know sing it with me emails is all we know louder The lights on you wouldn’t sign together Better to die Yo y’all there the front with the guy behind you okay I don’t forget it commuters I actually do Here Every time yeah Louisa you make everything fun Oh Goddamn officer make some other fucking noise with his writer. Are you? Alright, yeah, I like one more song of that Divi No matter what goes down to your life No matter what might come your way All you got to do is go sicko vote on a brother Oh Shut it down bring the code that’s how we already when it said – Azha lino Yeah Oh Boy She’s in love with who I am back in high school. I used to hit that every year with doubles in my head She’s in love with who I am not in the heavy ovens in my head That’s a dozen selfies into Texas and Got a good melody should study. Yeah, it’s absolute I’m back right Yeah, shutting up she said she worked on her By the jack Arthur Texas, my name is Travis Scott. That’s my penis chase beef has to roll out now as you want to a coming soon You

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