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FULL ENGLISH Lesson 40 / What is a Euphemism? / Body Language / Expressing Disbelief

Are you learning English? do you find it
difficult to remember words and their definitions? well guess what you are
going through the most normal part of learning anything grasping something new
is not easy at first but don’t worry because help is at hand my full English
lessons will make learning English a doddle it will become as easy as pie
from now on it will be a piece of cake which means easy I will help you
overcome your worries and fears of mastering English in fact you are doing
it right now just by watching this video welcome to
another full English video lesson I’m happy to see you here watching me
teaching you so without any more dilly dallying or idle chitchat let’s get on
with today’s full English lesson right now there are many interesting uses of the
English language there are many different types of expressions that have
their own unique place within the language one such type of phrase is the
euphemism a euphemism is a word or phrase that is used as a replacement for
one that might cause offence or annoyance a blunt or extreme word or
phrase is substituted with one that is not so harsh for example you might hear
your neighbours having a terrible fight in the early hours of the morning the
next day you tell a friend that you heard your next-door neighbours having a
bit of a ding dong during the night the word ding dong is being used as a
euphemism for violence there was a bit of a ding dong taking place at the
Joneses early this morning a euphemism can take the form of an amusing or witty
word which softens the impact of what is being said sexual interactions are often
given euphemistic nouns and adjectives so as to make what is being discussed
more acceptable you might suspect that a relationship is taking place between two
coworkers Jenny and Phil were both working late again last night
I think there might be some hanky-panky going on there
the phrase hanky-panky is a euphemism for sex or something that is being done
in an underhanded way other euphemisms for sex include rumpy-pumpy how’s your
father slap and tickle rolling in the hay
nookie getting jiggy a bit of you know what jollies hiding the salami and so on
when even a euphemism will not do you might find that saying nothing is just
as effective bill and Jane are more than good friends you know what I mean we
often use euphemisms to hide our embarrassment
or to shield someone else from their own shame certain parts of the body are
given euphemistic names so as to ease those embarrassing moments when they
have to be mentioned doctor can you help me I have a strange mole on my willy the
male sex organs have many amusing names given to them such as twig and berries
meat and two veg the crown jewels junk todger
wang shlong Johnson sausage Willy and so on could you close your curtains
when you are getting undressed no one wants to see your crown jewels
there are many euphemisms for things we often find hard to express directly
bodily functions are often given amusing euphemisms such as ones for going to the
toilet you might say spend a penny or go for a number two you are off to see The
Vicar you are going to powder your nose you take a whiz you have a dump you have
a tinkle you take a plop if you are going somewhere and you don’t want to
say what it is you are going to do you might say I’m off to see a man about a
dog euphemisms are often used in daily life
as an informal way of communicating traditional British humour relies heavily
on innuendo and the use of euphemisms the word innuendo means to suggest
something indirectly without saying it in a blunt way you suggest you infer you
hint the tone of what you said suggests something rude or unpleasant so a
euphemism is the replacement word or phrase and an innuendo is a suggestion
of something rude or unpleasant excuse me
I need to go in point Percy at the porcelain do you ever hear someone make
a statement that seems hard to believe? has anyone ever said something to you
that you found hard to accept as true? this might happen when someone is trying
to impress you with something they have done a thing they saw was something that
happened to them that seems unlikely there are many ways of expressing the
reaction of disbelief you doubt what the person is telling you is true you
question the facts or you find what was said questionable and hard to believe
you are uncertain as to what was said is in fact true we sometimes like to
exaggerate or embellish an event or achievement you might find what was said
hard to swallow he claims to have been to university but I find that hard to
swallow in this sentence we are expressing doubt about the claim there
is a good chance that the claim is false if you find something hard to swallow
then you are expressing doubt you feel as if the statement is false and untrue
you find it hard to swallow another great expression refers to taking
something with a pinch of salt again the thing being said is hard to believe his
claims that he lived in Hollywood for a few years should be taken with a pinch
of salt the things said seems unlikely it seems as if the person is telling a
lie we might accuse someone of being full of
crap or full of shit you never went to university you are full of crap the
thing being said might be described as bullshit an untrue statement or false
claim can be described as bullshit or if you
want to be polite we can say that someone is full of it he never went to
university he is full of it an official statement or declaration that seems
untrue can be described as inaccurate or misleading to accuse someone of lying
can be described as calling someone out the person lying has been revealed to be
a fraud a false claim and can be described as fraudulent the company was
punished for the fraudulent claims about their product in everyday life we might
make the occasional claim that is slightly exaggerated to make some things
seem better or worse than it was is a normal part of social interaction
however these claims can sometimes get you into deep trouble to be revealed as
a liar or cheat is damaging so as long as the claims made are not too bizarre
or damaging there we are often willing to look the other way we accept that
sometimes a person is not being completely honest with us an outlandish
claim or wild story that seems unlikely will often be taken with a pinch of salt it’s time to take a look at another
buzzword a buzzword is a word or phrase that is popular during a certain time or
is generally used today’s buzzword is aggression as a mass noun the word
aggression means feelings of anger or antipathy resulting in hostile or
violent behavior the readiness to attack or confront is
aggression a type of aggression that is shown through the manner of a person or
an action can be named as aggression the action of attacking without provocation
is aggression a particular type of attack can be described as aggression
you can display aggression to exhibit forcefulness is aggression you are being
aggressive which is the adjective form of the word the result of aggression is
the appearance of being aggressive in British English we might describe this
behaviour as aggro a violent disturbance might be described as aggro an
aggressive situation is taking place there is aggression occurring the word
aggression came into use in the early 17th century and derives from the Latin
ad-gradi which means walk towards what is it to express yourself? how do we
define those little signals that we give off? do we really have control of what we
give away about ourselves? when we say express yourself we mean that you show
the way you feel your interest in or reaction to something you can express
yourself in two ways by doing or by saying doing normally means a physical
action using your body maybe the expression on your face will change but
you say nothing you pull a face or you might show your reaction by doing
something physical you might become agitated and wave your arms with
frustration or anger you might react passively and walk away we call these
reactions body language you might express yourself by saying something
directly this is not subtle this is direct communication you are expressing
yourself using words and the tone of your voice you might even use bad
language and swear I have never heard him swear before he must have been
furious you might just say what you feel without cursing or swearing perhaps you
will shout and yell or the opposite might occur and your voice may become
very soft and hard to understand so direct action using movement and speech
are the two most obvious ways of expressing yourself you may not realise
it but we actually use body language all the time even when we are sitting still
and saying nothing we are sending out messages to other people for example if
you are sitting near a person you like then your body language will show it and
of course if you are near someone you don’t like then your body language will
also express it I can see by the way you are sitting that
you don’t want to know me where were you looking for a partner their body
language is very important you want the other person to know you are attracted
to them there are many ways to get the attention of a possible mate but out of
all the possible methods body language is still the best we call this
particular action flirting both men and women are capable of this you could say
that it is a part of nature just like the wild animals in the jungle
so the next time you are sitting on a train or enjoying a party or just
walking through town remember you are always giving off signals to other
people your body language is always sending out those subliminal signals
that have the ability to give away what is really going on in your mind well it
looks as if time has beaten us again as we come to the end of another full
English lesson I hope you have enjoyed it and if you liked what you saw why not
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live or recorded this is mr. duncan in England saying thanks for watching stay
happy and of course until the next time we meet here on YouTube wherever it may
be whenever it may occur… ta ta for now 😎 you

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