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Fuelbaby Bottle Review ⎮ ASL Stew Life

Hello, I’m Jill. This is ASL Stew Life. (cat meows)
♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Today I’m going to be talking about a product that I received. I did receive this for free but this review is 100% honest. So the product I received is a bottle. The bottle is from a company called Fuelbaby. Interesting bottle. If you don’t know, watch my vlogs. You can see there that my son Mikko is bottle fed. Breastfeeding didn’t work, so we switched over to bottle and formula. So I’m curious to try different bottles and see what works for him. This bottle is special and that’s because it’s great for many different unique reasons. It’s not a regular bottle where you put in the formula and water. It’s a little bit different, so let me explain. This is what it looks like. What’s cool about it is… it has a regular nipple on it but the bottom comes off like so. Then inside you have this little ball. This part is for the formula, for powder formula. So what you do is you take the ball out like so. You put in your powder. Take the ball and secure it back in place. So it’s nice and secure. You put the bottom back onto the rest of the bottle. Take the top off. Fill it up with water. Put the top back on. You’re good to go! So what you can do, is if you’re out traveling you can just stick this in your diaper bag. Then once you’re ready to feed, you press the bottom. As you can see, the ball comes out. You shake the bottle and that will go ahead and mix the formula and the water. It’s really easy. I have used this and like I said, it’s great for going out, traveling, it’s really simple. But another cool idea that I thought of is it’d be great for overnight feeds. So let’s say if you’re bottle feeding. Typically what you have to do is go downstairs, get the bottle, fill it with water, put in the powder, do all of that. Or you have to have a refrigerator in your room or something like that. But what’s nice about this is it’s really simple. You put in the powder, put in the water, set that out. Then wait two, three, four hours later. Once the baby wakes up and you’re ready to feed, pop the bottom, shake it up, and then feed your baby. So I think this is a really great product. Like I said, I’ve used it a few different times. I’d say maybe the only con is it’s a little big obviously. As you can see it’s bigger than a regular sized bottle. Maybe the nipple… I’m used to using the Comotomo bottles. So they’re very wide, soft, and rounded. This is a little bit smaller. But Mikko drank fine with it. There was no problem. He didn’t refuse to use it or was messier than normal or anything. So overall I think it’s a really great product. I mean babies make life hard right? If you’re a mom, a dad, any parent, or whoever you are. Or even if you’re just someone taking care of babies in general. It’s hard right! So anything to make your life a little bit easier is good. So I would say definitely check this out. Give it a try, see if you like it. If you get one, let me know. What do you think of this… of the Fuelbaby bottle? Hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you liked it, click LIKE. Remember to subscribe. Definitely will have a lot more videos coming out soon. Definitely more mommy… more lifestyle, more baby… since I’m a mommy, mommy review products. I’m sure other things. So yeah, if you want to support this channel we have a few options. There’s the ASL Stew merch store. We have a lot of different shirts, and cups, and bags, lots of different things. Definitely lots of colors and sizes too. Then there’s the monthly support through Patreon. Which has cool perks, so definitely check that out. We have Ko-fi which is a one-time coffee money. That’s for my wife Jenna… she needs the coffee. See you in the next video. Bye! ♪♪♪

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