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French Federal Leaders’ Debate 2019 (English translation) Part 1

100 Replies to “French Federal Leaders’ Debate 2019 (English translation) Part 1”

  • Watch the major party leaders take questions after the final debate of the election campaign. ^am

  • This debate was a lot better that the english, the format was excellent. It was dynamic and clear. And the Moderator was very good. He didn't cut everyone and one moderator was clearly enough.

  • I was leaning towards Andrew Scheer but Maxim's plans makes more sense. He sounds like a guy living in the Canadian part of planet earth. Also… the other party leaders sound like they live in a fairytail world. Their plans can't stand against reality. I will be voting with my conscience for Maxim.

  • Is it just me or is Elizabeth May complete loon. She keep saying there’s a climate emergency. But we aren’t the problem. We can stop 100% of CO2 and it wouldn’t matter in the least. Without China and India and United States and Russia what we do is irrelevant. I agree 100% of scientists agree in climate change. But the climate alarmists scientists I’ve been fudging and cherry pick data to push their agenda. NWO. Or as i like to call it Communism. Where the government tells you if you’re hot or cold. Whether you go out today or stay at home. How many children you can have Or what you can eat. How much money you can have. Where you live. What you do for a living. Basically every aspect of your life will be controlled. That’s why there’s lots of scientists they’re starting to speak up. And say that CO2 is not affecting the climate as predicted. But the government they create the problem. They propose a solution. And execute their plans. Which will be. NWO. We are going to spend billions on this. It’s gonna affect lots of peoples lives. We need to be 100% correct no biased in the Science. No fudging of numbers clear and precise. Meanwhile we can look into moving away from fossil fuels. But we’re nowhere close to that as of yet. And anyone who says we are they are lying.

  • Looking for extremists on either side of the spectrum? Canadian and American debates couldn’t be a better place to find them

  • Le bloc est anti richess national! Vous etes tous anti Canada sauf Maxime Bernier! Avec Mad max nous allons ramener la richess au Canada! P.P.C.2019! C"est le temp pour du vrais changement! I am sure that most quebecers support the pipeline! Enough with Arabian oil!

  • P.P.C. pour sauver le Canada de les mains du U.N. global migrant compact invasion et le faux paris accord! Il va amener du changement positif et cèst le temp!

  • Polls are not to asses the public opinion, they are falsely reported results designed to PROPAGANDIZE the population. USA 2016 polls assured us Trump could not win.

  • Best aspect of this debate is I do not have to hear the Turd Ministers lisping lying voice directly.

  • Got to give credit to this translator. He is so good that he conveys the essence of the Prime Moron of Canada's spoiled low iq whining.

  • I'm not a conservative, but if I was I would vote PPC, because even though Maxime Bernier doesn't believe in Climate Change, he truly believes in moving away from fossil fuels AND he's very practical in his views. I don't believe he would slash as much in services as Scheer would.

    My two choices are Blanchet first and then Bernier. They hold my interest.

  • GO PPC! I have never voted before but Maxime is the only one whom I feel is telling the truth without caring about pleasing anybody. He has principles and a strong personality to say NO to what's not right.

  • Why all the leaders agree on respecting ehat is good for Quebec?! Why they don't respect what is good for Alberta!

  • Can we have a debate where every question isn't answered by attacking others? "Mr. Trudeau's plans have failed…", Okay, cool, so tell me what your plan actually is. I don't care his aren't working, if they were we wouldn't be discussing it. Tell me how you and your party intend to fix the problem.

  • The Green Party IS the only platform that has a climate plan in line with the advice of the IPCC scientists. I went to every single other party's website and examined their platforms to make sure. Please do the same. <3

    GPC: (two PDFs, one is the Platform and one is the Costing)
    CPC: (one PDF with their entire plan, scroll down to the bottom to find it)
    NDP: (at the bottom, "Dowload our full list of commitments")
    LPC: (scroll down to download a PDF of it in large/small font)
    PPC: (they don't seem to have a PDF but the articles on this page about "climate change alarmism" and "giving power to our fossil fuel industries" pretty much say it all)
    BLOC: doesn't have their platform available in English, but you can find the French version by hitting the button in the top right corner of their website:

    <3 Teaganbear

  • "The problem is that it's not enough to talk about a price on carbon. We also have to have targets that are in line with the scientific advice. Right now it's not 30% of 2005 levels by 2030, that's Trudeau's target which is the same as Harper's target, it's not enough. We have to have a plan to eliminate fossil fuels by 2050, and by 2030 we have to have a target of 60% reductions of greenhouse gases. And it is truly possible. Our plan is called Mission Possible because it is possible. It's not easy, but it is possible, but not just with a carbon tax."
    ~ Elizabeth May


  • Forget strategic voting. Vote your conscience! Whatever party that may be. Also, it's nice to see the debaters' total speaking time shown. The Democratic Presidential Candidate Debates should do this.

  • Why are abortions considered "women's rights"? Does the baby have no rights? I can agree with "my body my choice," except I would instead apply that to the baby as well!

  • Read this if you want to really understand why Max disbelieves a Climate Emergency exists that requires a carbon tax.

    He believes that climate is changing and always has, it is just that Co2 account for less than 5 percent of gasses in the atmosphere that are 'green house'

    And only 2% OF THAT 5% are Co2

    And Canada is only emitting 2% OF THAT 2% OF THAT 5%

    o, he logically understands that if we cut our carbon in half at the expense of driving our manufacturing to China and destroying our economy and putting a much much higher carbon tax it will meant that we will only be reducing the global Co2 by:

    1% of 2% of 5%

    Instead he will put that money into balancing the budget, paying down the debt and growing a financially responsible = more profitable economy. Then to invest it pollution remedies such as toxic waterway rehabilitation etc.

  • The arrogant self righteousness of Trudeau and Scheer is disheartening and belies what is to come if either of them become PM. Max Bernier is a class act and has my vote.

  • I like how the translator makes all the leader's voice have the same volume as the translator while for Trudeau, his voice was slightly higher while the translator was lower so we can all hear his annoying voice. Wonderful.

  • Act now. Or have to much damage control to be needed to have a hope of winning. I would even help you win for my stake up front.

  • Try setting foot in any government building, you get escorted out by security….at the legislative buildings they get fine dining for free….when will Canadians stop this dictatorship…read below

  • I enjoyed this debate a great deal more than the previous one, and not just because my man Bernier performed much better in this one. These debates helped me solidify how I view these leaders.

    Bernier: tells it like it is, Canada> toxic identity politics
    Scheer: I'm not Trudeau and it's actually a popular stance to stand on.
    Trudeau: to put it nicely, I've made mistakes or things haven't gone my way but it's not so bad.
    May: your friend's super cool mom but will need help setting up a computer.
    Singh: wants to help everyone he meets but I can't help but seeing him as the Bernie Sanders of Canada.
    Blanchet: I actually didn't know a lot of this French dude before the debates but I like how he presented himself, kudos.

    Once again tho, great job Max this time around. I found he was more composed, had more solid points and acted like the candidate that earned my vote at the start of the election race 👍

  • When I listened to the debate, I swear that the French translator picked for Trudeau sounded just like Trudeau, and the translator picked for Scheer sounded like a stonch English! Just what the French like to hear. CBC will you please stop your conniving propoganda. Be fair and square! But I have to admit, Liberal money talks.

  • Why doesn't anyone talk about our national debt? 670 billion $, accumulating over 80 million $ a day in interest alone.

    Who are we in debt to and why?

  • Nice to see Comments: Liberals must be getting killed in the comments, so CBC turns them off. Trudeau is owned by Gearld Butts, and Anti oil special Interest groups. He needs to be voted out. He is just a puppet. The country is falling apart because he cares about nothing except the money he is paid under the table. Alberta and Sask are going to leave, because the groups he works for want Canadian oil suppressed, so other oil producing countries get a better price. Fellow Canadian…we are under attack from outside this country. Please research U.N. Agenda 21 or agenda 2030. It's too scary to believe the plan they have for us, but I think is all true …..unfortunately. God Bless.

  • Bright orange Turbans always remind me of the Sikh terrorists that bombed flight 182. The largest mass killing in Canadian history. It’s a symbol of terrorism.

  • Jagmeet Singh is advocating Secularism in Canada and on the other hand support Separatist movements in India, how will he be seen in eyes of the Indian government who wants to have a trade deals with Canada.

  • NO ELECTION UNTIL THIS GOVERNMENT wakes up and changes the laws in protection of the people down with Totalitarian Tiptoe of the Cabal stop making Canada a Haven for criminals and now that Soros is in prison poor Trudy has no handler……wake up it too late not too!!!

  • Ya the guy that paid you liers to cover him up when are you people going to wake up when it's too late? Well, it is too late looke how they have destroyed the Earth for political power like the California fires today created by the Dems to attack us because Trump declared a state of emergency and the arrest are rolling out get on the right side of the page and help do not perpetuate lies to protect them WAKE UP!

  • We want Leaders! To work together not go head to head this is negative absurd waist of time energy. All the money that paid for this could feed starving people. Venezuela needs some .

  • It is Sad to See the UNIFOR UNION, Joining theb Liberal Party in attacking the Government? UNIFOR and it's union members should be reminded, that IT WAS NOT THE GOVERNMENT THAT WITHDREW MANUFACTURING FROM DURHAM, IT WAS ""GM"" and has the union members had an opportunity to vote on using their union dues money to attack the government??? it is only a distraction ploy, to waste your union dues, in such a reckless fashion!, I would vote for a new replacement union! one that is willing to work for the union dues paying workers, instead of working on behalf of the liberal government!!!

  • What each Canadian “federal” party actually is

    1 Green Party of Canada – UN Party
    2 New Democratic Party – Democratic Marxist
    3 Liberal Party of Canada – Sierra Club Party
    4 Conservative Party of Canada – Liberal Party of Canada
    5 Bloc Québécois – Quebec Sovereignty
    6 People's Party of Canada – People’s Party of Canada

    The first five parties are actually very similar with the larger goal of the destruction of western society to be
    replaced by a global un-elected totalitarian government. They will do this actively (the first 3) or by not
    giving a damn (4 and 5) CANADIANS WAKE UP! VOTE PEOPLE’S PARTY OF CANADA 2019! 🇨🇦

  • The translator for Elizabeth May was horrible and extremely slow. Should have changed her or timed her before appointing her as a translator during such an important event. Very shameful

  • Why was this video cut short during Scheer's answer to David Menzies' question on immigration? Were there no questions to Bernier?

  • Not how anyone could vote for Trudeau. If Scheer or Max wins I would be happy. Scheer has really impressed me over the last few months.

  • Heard a little rumor that there are only pencils provided at the election stations and they're being mysteriously "smudged"….just a heads up to maybe bring along a pen or sharpie 😊

  • how can May say she is pro-immigration and say she is fighting for the environment. Simple logic shows that if people move from countries with many times smaller carbon footprints to Canada which the population has some of the highest per capita carbon footprints. If she is truly trying to protect the environment, then all immigration to Canada must be stopped.

  • Elizabeth May is insane. $200 tax per tonne? Almost 50 cents tax on every liter of gas? Well good thing the Green Party will never have a significant say in Parliament.

  • Any politician that invokes the ideals of "social justice" should be disqualified. That's the ideaology that divides people, justice is something to be decided in an individual bases, not on group scale.

  • The worst part about this is that I'm still undecided. I don't like any of the party platforms at all. It's frustrating wanting to vote but not having faith in any of these "leaders".

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  • I have a question, what has the liberals done in the past 4 years regarding climate change ? They say they have done so much , I must have missed this .

  • what are the health implications of the four parties( Liberal, NDP, Conservative and Greens)??
    Please provide me link in the reply

  • Is that a saudia Arabian sleeper cell planning on taking over Canada are having Canada hand over control to saudia Arabia?😂😂🤣🤣

  • yall sayin max should win but i mean people of alberta and saskatchewan will probably not be voting him if he doesnt support the pipeline, and if he already said in the video that he does, sorry i didnt watch it all lol

  • Just a kind reminder that this so called "anthropogenic climate change" and the rather absurd expectation that the office of the Prime Minister (and parliament) can ensure a cohesive and efficacious contingency plan to deal with this imaginary issue, is beyond even the most pure scientific rationalism.
    NOT A SINGLE scientific paper corroborates this hysterical political hyperbole that the world's biosphere and it's interlocutor constituents are in imminent danger of collapse within the next two decades.
    There are a variety of natural factors which influence relatively minor temperature shifts in the tropospheric medium.
    "Ah well, you my friend are a 'climate denier!' 97% of climate scientists agree[…]"
    — A specious and intellectually insipid claim. It does not take a genius to classify this statement as textbook Fallacy of Equivocation, a great and unrepentant abberration of logical syllogism.
    98% agreed on what exactly? That "global warming" is anthropogenic in nature? That urgent "climate action/rectification" is needed? That global warming consists of wet bulb and barometric pressure differential coefficients in our atmosphere? Or that this effects another variable?
    *Further more, no scientific community in the HISTORY of post-industrial human civilisation has EVER reached a near unanimous acknowledgement of an epi-phenominalist (or) trans-empirical event, as yet to even be properly proven and subject to scientific excoriation, like this alleged "global warming."
    Please focus on actual existing issues, more pertinent to the well-being of our national kin, NOT on pseudo-scientific fairytales propagated by morally obtuse political radicals.
    No more national carbon tax. No more proposed tax exemptions and repatriative 'reimbursements' for eco-friendly housing. These will stagnate and destroy our flourishing economy.
    Wake up to reality people.

  • If you are a real Canadian & you really care about your country, you would vote for Andrew Sheer (or support The Conservative Party). Conservatism is the best way to maintain social equality, economic growth and stability, & environmental improvements. Liberalism is for the blind & brainwashed people, the Democratic party is for the dreamers that will never wake up & the Green Party/Bloc QC/People’s Party are irrelevant. Consider this message of opinion an appropriate suggestion for the beneficial prosperity of Canada 🇨🇦.

    (Useless comments below……. 👇)

  • Judging by the comments on every site I have viewed. The PPC is a party to be reckoned with. Max has resonated with Canadians.

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