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Freehand path trimming and shape building in Illustrator [gesture trim] | DynamicSketch

Editing paths in Illustrator can be frustrating
as you cant trim closed paths. With DynamicSketch its the same tool to sketch + trim. Whats
more it works on native and closed paths so is perfect for building shapes. You have three options to chose from – all
achieve the same result. Shift trim / wacom eraser
Firstly with the tool active, use the SHIFT key (an ‘x’ will appear on your cursor)
then draw over the parts you wish to remove. Secondly if you have a wacom – use your eraser
and it will work in the same way. With both of these you’ll get a preview
and if you want to get in close use the just ALT key to constrain as you trim. If i need
I can select to only trim specific paths too. By default its going to join them which can
be turned off in the preferences or set to only join paths on the same layer. The third method is Gesture Trim mode which
when on allows you to gesture over a path to delete it. To do this you need to draw
across the path 3-5 times, much like you would with an eraser. Lastly as all these methods work on closed
paths we can use them for shape building. Be aware that any trimming is going to remove
the dynamic nature of the path. So you have three trimming methods, the shift
shortcut, your wacom eraser or gesture trim mode.

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