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How To Learn Sign Language

Frederik Schorr – Sign Language Recognition

I’m Frederik, a trained mathematician mmm Started to work at the Boston Consulting Group long time back, but wanted to get deeper into software and IT so went to Oracle the large software company and then ultimately ended up as a Chief Information Officer of one of Austria’s mid-sized Banks. My interest in artificial intelligence in particular goes back a long time Back to my study days, my master thesis was actually neural network, which learnt to play a game in itself. It’s called the Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Our batch, we are a very diverse group. We have Mexicans, Americans, Canadians Italians, Spanish Swiss guys Whichever you like. Its long time since I had such international group, what I liked about These are is you have a lot of different teachers coming in for like between two to four days Bring their business background with them it’s the first time since my university days almost twenty years to get back into more like student life Actually, it’s the first time I’m long away from my family my kids longer than a couple of days It turns out that the family is thriving so am I And I really love it to be able to focus on one subject. Like that’s really interesting me artificial intelligence, deep learning neural network, data science Almost exclusively. That’s a luxury I didn’t have for the last 15 to 20 years It’s a great experience one of my primary targets for coming here to data science retreat was to acquire the skills to be able to build and Prototype of a machine learning application on my own. So my project is about sign language recognition so sign language for deaf and mute people This is like gestures that have a movement in them and my project is to build a neural network with deep learning technology that is capable of recognizing these gestures and translating them into their German or English equivalent words. The reason I came into this, there are couple of reason for that. one of them is my wife is teacher for partially handicapped people. So she is using deaf sign language and words That’s one of the reason the other reason is that image classification has been a hot topic in the last couple of years It’s almost kind of solved Video classification is a challenge that is still out there it’s very much more complicated obviously because of the images but also fine dimension so I have a very intriguing project to work on I wanted to prepare for a next phase which ideally would be to launch my proper startup based on AI machine learning technologies

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