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Forgotten Asylum | Garry’s Mod

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en.
Welcome to Garry’s Mod This map called Forgotten Asylum Say hello to Kenny Kenny: Hello Kenny: Let’s start
C7: I see the red eyes Kenny: Yeah, it’s hard to see them we still can
see them around us If you’re close to them, you can see the red eyes Let’s walk backward. It’s hard to see like
they’re gone Walk closer to them, now we can see them The map created by this creator If you’re on co-op and the map is bright, make
sure to turn HDR to full in your settings Yolo! How to play: find keys to open doors. Do
not use any weapons, only use your flashlight This doll looks scary Oops, I pressed – – Oh… You picked up the wrench What for? Where are you? I saw that Where? Will you stop it? Go this way Was he here before? Kenny: No I swear to god Jesus! Kenny: What are you doing? Not me I want to make sure. Look around Ok Let’s get out of here Go. Let’s leave You thought it was locked!
You thought it was locked! Dickbutt! Kenny: It was locked before! Kenny: Did you see that? Oh hell no! Oh hell no! Let’s go back Go this way That was a huge monster! Damn, good one! That was a good one Something is over there Oh, go to the basement I don’t like it Kenny: Did you see that? I can’t see Go go go move Come here! The corner! Hit him! I saw someone stood there Was he here before? C7: We have to go down there. We have no choice
Kenny: Why??? No no no! I see someone over there That’s the old wheelchair, dickbutt! Keep moving I see the key Look around You! We have crowbars… Seriously I guess we have to go back I don’t think so. Where is the crowbar? We have to go back Kenny: What? What? It said find the crowbar. Can’t you read?! Kenny: I can read! Then find it! Ok cool I’m gonna… Ok? Oh, we were here before. Let’s go upstairs Ok Really… Bathtubs Seriously Kenny: Wtf no no no What are you doing? Looks like this is a workroom or something like
reading I don’t see the key Kenny: LOOK! What is that? The scissors? Still no key Kenny: I know right… I don’t see the red eyes. Nope Kenny: Nope This is the last one Oh, I found the key. Now, let’s go back Nothing You! The vent Oh you again. Stop! This way It said unlocked Kenny: I saw the key next to the boy’s body This was from the beginning of the game Where did you go, dickbutt? What are you doing? What are you doing? I guess we’re free Kenny: Yep Where are you? Where are you? Kenny: I’m back in the room with the name,
rules, and instruction Oh, not me. Wtf. I’m going back again Eh, what is the difference I wish this map was longer Kenny: Yeah, this was really good! Good job! Kenny: That big monster part. Wow! Yeah, I was behind you Let’s wrap up. Thank you for watching. Please
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