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Foreplay | Teasing at Festa 2017 ✧ [Taekook/Vkook | Body Language Analysis ]

100 Replies to “Foreplay | Teasing at Festa 2017 ✧ [Taekook/Vkook | Body Language Analysis ]”

  • FAQ:

    Was he sleepy?
    It could be, but he himself said he wasn't. Suga at the beggining asked him "are you sleepy" and JK answered "Nope".
    It's cause when a person is sexually aroused could get this "sleepy" vibe and bedroom eyes, not having a need to sleep, they are just excited.
    JK's BL as well, confirmed not one time but many times with different cues that he's sexually aroused in here.

    He wanted go to pee?
    No, he drinked a bottle of water and at the final part of the original video, he drinked even more liquid (a lot) from a big cup. You don't drink more water when you want to go the bathroom so bad, and as Taehyung did on past Festa, he was allowed to go.

  • See I watched videos about Jk being a dom and tae a bottom but even without really going deep to it I was like no way he’s a bottom bc even kookie is playful and teasing with his hyungs and all of things that make people think he’s a top are just him being a bratty maknae but with V without even watching any of analysis videos or anything I was 100% sure he’s a dom cuz his aura screams power and his ability to really control him self when needed and compose his facial expressions in times just give it all off

  • Your video is by far the best analysis video I've seen. Plz do upload more! I've always believed in taekook but I had my doubts..this video almost completely erased what all doubts I had.. Now I really hope they come to the fore front with their relationship (but then, I support them however they'd want themselves to be, be it straight or gay, doesn't matter)

  • i can relate to all of these scenes. because me and my boyfriend did that too omg this is too accurate. taekook is real oh my god please respect and give them much loves

  • Your support for them in the end was so beautiful it got me in tears… I don't ship them, but I agree with you, I just want them to be happy. They deserves it 💜

  • Your not wrong….TaeKook is real..I will support them unconditionally…I wish I could experience the true love that they have for each other.💜

  • 12:50 Kim Taehyung……y-you are one evil bastard… poor Kookie 😅 I’m sure all this torture had a reward at the end of it bunny 😂

  • bfbff3 i had to get my inhaler, this video made my chest hurt. nwcncnc

    I ship taekook more than I ship my grandparents


  • Hey @In Taekook We Trust, what do you mean when you say the hyungs have a lot of double meaning jokes (around 14:06)?

  • Like si viniste a buscar este comentario en español xfxd hahaha hay amiks ya no se que pensar me encanta el VKOOK pero hay no es tan emocionante antes me lo creía y pz no era tan juerte y ahora pz….. haha :') hay no mis Bbs ❤u❤

  • I believe after watching the real video and not only this "analysis", that JK was feeling really bad and ill and that he was in pain. Thats why he does so much selftouching, to sooth himself and to keep him awake. I do that a lot to, i have MS and sometimes when i have to stay awake but everything hurts, i sooth myself by constantly touching my hands/wrist/neck and rubbing feet together.

    There ist one section in the original video, that you did not show, where he touches his stomach and breathes out and its definitly because he is in pain (believe me as a ms patient i know pain-sighs) and not from "blue balls". I am 39 and i know that men can hold of their erection under a pair of jeans for a long time without being in pain 😉

    Maybe they, Tae and JK, were touching each other under the table, but i do no longer believe that is was sexual. Maybe he wanted to calm him, thats why they others tried to cover it up sometimes or snap him out of his -not-being-comfortable. And Jimins cough, that you wanted to be a "warning": he coughs a lot during this video, i think because he was having a cold.
    And after the last "song-break" JK drinks a tea or coffee and seemed much more awake and clearer.
    I am not saying that Taekook isn´t a thing. I truly believe that they are more than just very good friends. But in this video, JL is just ill or/and very tired 🙂

  • I just got to this video (I have no f*cking idea how) But are they my ideas or JK seemed thirsty in ALL the video? … his mouth was almost always ajar and his lips were dry and cracked…

  • A fact that Vkook is my first otp and I feel Vmin or Jikook isn't right, is that a sign that my gaydar at least working at some points.


  • Eu acho que VKOOK é real. Mais a Coreia do sul é um país muito preconceituoso então eles provavelmente podem se "assumir" quando bts acabar 💔
    E eu ouvi dizer que o Tae e o Kookie não podem se assumir para o público pois pode arruinar o grupo
    -e tem um vídeo onde os dois estão se beijando que foi comprovado real. E um outro aonde os dois aparecem mostrando sua aliança "acidentalmente" (indireta) para as armys (sacarem). Então, eu tenho ainda minhas dúvidas. Talvez seja só uma amizade, até por que o Jungkook e o Tae são muito carinhosos com todos os membros! E eu acho que tem uma conexão muito forte uma vibe, brisa diferente de uma amizade sabe?..eles já dormiram juntos…já se "assumiram". E o Jimin "nosso chimchim" gravou 2 vídeos do shiper VKOOK/TAEKOOK.
    Então a minha teoria é:VKOOK é "real". Porém eles não podem se assumir de forma alguma. E talvez eles possam mais para frente.
    Beijos do Brasil!!!😗🇧🇷
    Armys tirem suas conclusões
    Só sei de uma coisa a conexão deles é muito forte.♥💍

  • Affffff se eles se amam é normal isso acontecer, quem nunca passou por isso kkkkk são fofos demais é muito amor junto❤❤❤ ser gay ou hetero não atrapalha o trabalho deles pelo contrário só melhora nos fazem muito feliz armys vamos apoiar eles🙌👏

  • I love your vids but like at 7:20 it got me confused because yawning is the meaning of tired or sleep. Maybe boredom. I'm not a hater i'm just saying.

  • First I was like kookie looks bored and sleepy so he's bothering or teasing his best friend… Then he started touching down there I thought may be he needs to pee but then he drinks water.. Who drinks water when he wants to pee 😅🙄

  • ¡Que análisis tan brutal! ¡Simplemente verdadero en cada uno de los minutos! ❤❤❤ El Vkook es REAL gente, no hay nada para negarlo, lo que ellos Hacen hasta los demás miembros saben que se aman, por que a simple vista, ellos no tienen una relación de amigos solamente 💜💜❤❤

  • I completly agree with this but can we please stop putting roles of dominant and sub on them ! Homosexual relations are not about who does the sub for life and who is the dom for life. I saw too many comments like that under the video. They switch, they are men, they have the same needs, so stop putting role of sub on kookie because i'm sorry but sometimes it's him who act dominant on tae, it just depend of the mood. (Sorry for be mad but i know what i'm talking about because when I asked a friend if he was a sub or a dom, he went mad and said : stop reading cliché gay mangas, we don't have assigned roles ).

  • Sinceramente, creo que os aburrís mucho. Haríais mejor en salir mas y buscar esos signos en gente de vuestro entorno que desaprovecharlos en estas teorías de celestina. Que la mesa es pequeña y hay poco espacio debajo y si llevan sentados mucho rato es normal que se muevan inquietos y mas los pies. Que estiren las piernas y que no le den importancia a si este me ha tocado o no, pero bueno, que yo se que a las chicas nos gusta mas el yahoi que a los gays, asi que adelante con las teorías que hay que ver vídeos.

  • I'm not a shipper so when I clicked on it I was like, ew they're like siblings but its bts so I had to watch

    But this video is actually super interesting and educational in just a general stand point


  • Ok the foot thing gave them away pretty quick because it’s not normal imo to be playing with your “friend’s” feet a lot of times specially because you could tell it was intentional specially their expressions

  • At 17:20, finally got to see the shoes Tae has on, just another piece of the puzzle. JK has on the white, leather ones. Correct me if I’m wrong. I believe Tae is a sexual predator but it’s all good, just asked poor little “whipped” JK…maybe they both are.

  • Tae got JK “looking so crazy right now”, apparently Tae is a mastermind at this sort of thing but evidently JK isn’t all innocent his own self. No doubt enjoying this game of “cat & mouse”. At 12:29, JK is thinking, Tae “shut your mouth & run me like a river”

  • I literally wasted 20 min of watching this instead of doing homework…Thanks I have something to think about instead of doing homework XD

  • 10:36 lmaoo i feel for momma jin, daddy namjoon, grandpa yoongi and uncle hoseok😭😭they always try to get them to stop but they don’t lisyen

  • 18:33 LPM LA CONCHA DEL MONO NO TENGO AUDÍFONOS >:'V y encima esta mi mama y mis hermanas en la misma habitación k yo

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