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For Concert Practice, Joh-Fam Prepared Snacks | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.5

Costco~♪ Hello, everyone We’re back with another ‘Johnny’s Communication Center’ Today, we’re with DOYOUNG And today, where are we going? Costco! Costco~ We are at Costco Getting the cart out, getting the cart out DOYOUNG is filming And, it is actually my first time going to Costco in Korea as well Me too So… We gotta make a card first We gotta make a membership card DOYOUNG, it is DOYOUNG’s first time coming to Costco Usually… It’s your first time right? Yeah We’re here to buy some stuff that we need personally But we’re also here… We’re actually here right before we’re going to practice for a concert And I wanted to buy some snacks for everyone We have finished shopping at Costco! Hey! We got… We got some personal things But we’ve also got, the most important, Snacks and drinks for our members Because we’re having concert practice today It’s done! Thank you Okay! Let’s go quickly We’re done shopping now, all we have left is to go practice for a concert Thank you guys for watching, Joh-Fam And, uh… Bye bye! But like, how do you call your fans in the YouTube? Like a family name? Yes, a family name Joh-Fam Joh-Fam? Johnny’s Family, Joh-Fam Joh-Fam I wanted to know Okay, okay Joh-Fam~ Bye bye You can never take this time away… My coffee time… In order to maximize our members’ reactions when they come in… What… How should we display the snacks? Joh-Fam! Ah, you keep writing with an ‘A’ Johnny’s Communication… Or hyung, why don’t you make your own sticker? With your face on them We’re gonna make… We just got a new idea Content idea Thanks to DOYOUNG Maybe we will make it with him next time, but “Make our own stickers” For Joh-Fam… JCC… And after we get those stickers If there’s a situation like this Just put it on Yeah! I did this! We did this! Joh-Fam did this! Guys, guys Guys Close your eyes, close your eyes I have prepared it for you guys Oh, you really bought them! JOHNNY! JCC! Everything is on JCC! You reactions are very important Please give some good reactions Yes, I’ve signed all of them Whoa, I really want that egg tart Come and have some pizza Everyone This is what I bought… We have pizza What size is this? I’ve bought them all! Take one (The pizza is) really big It’s big! Please, let’s eat together Let’s eat together I ate one piece and I’m already full Fresh green grapes Take a look at this It’s huge! This is like… Is this ‘Shine (Muscat)’? No no This is like alien These green grapes taste really good Oh no! No! Oh no! It’s well ripe Ah, It’s really big Does it taste good? Ah, it’s great Please film me as if you’re secretly spying on me What, what do you want me to do? Don’t film him, don’t film him YUTA is exercising For what is he exercising for…? And then, film me! Oh, what were you doing? I was running around to warm up for some time already! Didn’t you see? Oh, you were warming up Yes I was And he is eating Have a nice meal!

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