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How To Learn Sign Language

Following a Sign Language Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome
back to another video of mine. It’s been kind of a while since I’ve
sat down in front of a camera to do a vlog, but I’m happy to come back and do it once again. This time for a very important topic,
and that is Deaf Awareness Month and sign language. And so, this month is September It’s supposed to be spreading awareness about deafness and hearing impaired [people] And so, I kind of wanted to do a video that helps bring awareness to that
and that is with sign language, a very important part of communicating to people. Because not every deaf person out-right talks,
and sign language in general. I learned a little bit of sign language,
I can still do my ABC’s. [Signing] A – B – C – D – E – F – G. And so, I can at least do that, but I’ve always wanted learn more
and do full-on sign language. And I really think that an important topic, because we always talk about speaking languages and how to translate and how important it is to learn different languages. But we always kind of forget about
deaf [people] and sign language, Because it is not always prevailing in anything, in media, in just everything in general. I really think it’s an important topic. I wanted to do something to bring awareness to this month and kind of help out and so I decided the best way would be to do a sign language tutorial kind of? This is from a show called Signing Time. It is a children’s show that teaches you sign language essentially, and I watched this show back like one summer and me and
my mom both loved it. And, I was older at the time, and I was like “This is something that I wish that
I had watched when I was younger.” Because then maybe I could have learned a lot more sign language and just have grown up with it. And because it’s such an important thing to do. And, it’s such an important thing to
include deaf people and people who sign. It’s just a beautiful way to communicate
and learn language just with your body and physicality. And so, I kind of wanted to see how
much I could learn from this tutorial. I remember that when I did the other one,
the only thing I could remember was “stars”. I think that’s the only thing that
I kind of took away from it, so I’m very excited to see what
words that I will learn time. And hopefully, maybe I could use them a lot more, and just enjoy it because I find this very fun and fascinating. And so, hopefully you do to. Narrator: Welcome to Signing Time. Let’s make friends. Hi there, it’s good to see you again. Oh. Do we have a new friend? Ebonee: Yes, we do have a new friend. Narrator: I’m Rachel. It’s nice to meet you. Ebonee: Rachel. It’s nice to meet you too Rachel. Rachel: Today, we’re going to
learn signs to use with our friends. From new friends, to our oldest friends. Ebonee: Old she did that. Rachel: And, I know you’ll have lots of help
from Alex, Leah, and Hopkins. Hello, my name is Leah. Hi, my name is Alex. Ebonee: Oh, Hopkins is the frog. Rachel: Sign “my”. It’s flat hand on your chest. “My”. “Name”. Your first two fingers tap
the top of your other two fingers. They make a shape like an “X”. Sometimes, you write your name by an “X”. “Name”. Then you can say or sign your name. My name is Rachel Kid Narrator: My name is Andrew My name is Alison Ebonee: Kids are adorable! Kid Narrator: My name is Charlie Kid Narrator: Sign “my name”. My name is… Rachel: What is your name? Sign “what”. Put both hands palm up in front of you. “What”. “Your”. It’s just like the sign for “my”,
but it pushes toward the other person. “Your”. Ebonee: Oh toward. Okay, I never knew that. Rachel: “Name.” Sign at the “X”. What’s your name? Kid Narrator: Sign “what’s your name”. What’s your name? Sign “what is your name”. Rachel: “Old”. It’s like you’re showing
the beard of an old man. Try it, “old”. Kid Narrator: Like a beard on an old man. Ebonee: Regal like old. Kid Narrator: That picture is really old. Rachel: “New”. With a cupped hand, scoop something new off your palm. “New”. Kid Narrator: Cup your hand. Scoop it off your palm. She’s signing “new”. Rachel: Okay! We now know “my name is”,
“what is your name”, “old”, and “new”. Let’s learn a new song that
will help us practice our signs. Ebonee: Oh wow. We’re getting to the songs now. Rachel Singing:
Hi, hi! My name is Rachel. Hi, hi! My name is Rachel. Hi, hi! My name is Rachel.
Tell me, what’s your name? Hi, hi! My name is Alex. Hi, hi! My name is Leah. Hi, hi! My name is Hopkins. Now you know my name. We make new friends each day,
and our old friends they stay. And they can be friends, if we all play. And we will have such fun today. Rachel: “Nice to meet you”. Sign “nice”. One palm moves
nicely across the other palm. Ebonee: So this is “new” and then this is “nice”. Rachel: “Meet”. Pretend your
pointers are two different people. When they come together, they meet. “Meet”. “You”. Just point right at the person. “You”. Nice to meet you. Kid Narrator: Sign “nice meet you”. Nice to meet you. Can you sign “nice to meet you”? Rachel: “Alike”. Move your hand back and
forth with your thumb and pinkie. Move between the things that are alike. Sign it with me. “Alike”. It’s also the sign for “same”. Kid Narrator: Blond hair. Alike. Ebonee: Like “same bruh”. Kid Narrator: Same basketballs. Let’s sign “alike”. Rachel: “Different”. Cross your pointers then
move your hands away from each other. Sign with me. “Different”. Kid Narrator: Different colors. Ebonee: I like how all the different examples
they show of kids doing them. Different. Rachel: “Friend”. Hook your pointers
then switch. Show me. “Friend”. Kid Narrator: Friends! Rachel: Wow, you’re learning a lot of signs. “Nice to meet you”, “alike”, “different”, and “friend”. What should we do to practice them? You got it. Ebonee: Song! Rachel: Let’s add them to our song. Ebonee: Yes! Rachel Singing:
Hi, hi! It’s nice to meet you. Hi, hi! So nice to greet you. Hi, hi! So nice to meet you.
Won’t you be my friend? Hi, hi! It’s nice to meet you.
Hi, hi! So nice to greet you. Hi, hi! So nice to meet you.
Won’t you be my friend? We’re alike in some ways, and we’re different okay. You’re my new friend. Come out and play, and we will have such fun today. Ebonee: That’s it! New friend. [laughs] So okay. What I remember is “my name”… well, my name is E – B – O – N – E – E. My name’s Ebonee. “What’s your name?” Then we have “old”, and we have “new”, and then we have “alike” or “same”, and then we have “different”, and we have “friend”. I think that’s all we covered today. And, now I have more stuff I know. And, if I ever meet somebody who is hearing-impaired
or deaf or just somebody who knows sign language, now I know a little bit more now
that I did just a few moments ago. Stuff like that makes it so fun to learn, and I just wish that we taught that to kids more. Because language is so important
and communication is so important. All of that is just so crucial to
how we develop in society, and language should be something
that we teach from the very beginning. We always do it with English, but learning other languages
from other countries is important and even learning just this language. Because this is still English,
this is American Sign Language that I’m learning. So, it’s nothing… not even a new language. It’s just..uh.. move… adding movement
to the language I already know. And it’s just so simple.
And this… stuff like this makes it so much easier. You see a smiling woman,
you see all these beautiful kids doing it, and you just have fun. The music is just up and preppy. And just in the nine minutes that I watched this,
I learned a few more words. I learned a few more words,
I learned a few more movements, and that just leads to better communication. And, I really wanna continue learning
sigh language, and developing this awe. And, I hope that you all take something from this and learn more about Deaf Awareness
and hearing impaired. And, I’ll add some links in the description of course. And, just watch stuff like this because
that’s the thing about technology nowadays. If you can watch me, then you
can go over and watch Signing Time and other YouTube tutorials on how to do stuff. It… everything is at our fingertips just about now. So, just make the effort, and of course, happy Deaf Awareness Month to all those who are hearing impaired or deaf, and I hope to learn more as well. And, I hope you really enjoyed this video. Be sure to follow me on my other
social media if you enjoy what I do. Like, share, and subscribe, if you would like to. And I hope see you next time, and as always, May Grace Be In Your Space.

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