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Flying Start | Bottle Squad | Cartoon Videos And Songs For Children

Bottle Squad with a boom we are ready to zoom Bottle Squad! Bottle Squad ! Be strong, Be brave, Be smart, Be kind Solving problems we don’t mind! We are the closest friends you’ll ever find. Bottle Squad Ba Ba Bottle Squad A Flying Start Oh baby…am I tired? It was a long walk. We rabbits prefer hopping.That’s why we are smarter. And that’s why you lost the race to a tortoise. You are funny Babels. Huff huff….I can hardly walk. Hey our Power pets seem to be having fun. Wish I could understand what they are saying. Oh I know what they are saying Its” when is meal time?” We animals don’t always think of food. Hey could we stop by for some carrots? Please, pretty please Please, pretty please Or maybe we do. Hey Babies, that’s a song sparrow. He sings beautifully. Hey Mr.
Sparrow, how about a song for us? Hey Mr.Sparrow, how about a song for us? Perhaps Mr. Sparrow has a sore throat Maybe Mr. Sparrow doesn’t remember any songs. Oh that can be fixed. Mr. Sparrow,we will begin a song and perhaps you could join us. C’mon Babies.. Two little sparrow birds, sitting on a wall. One named Peter, one named Paul. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. Come back Peter, Come Back Paul. I think Mr. Sparrow is sad. And I know why. For a bird he is not flying! That’s so right. Let’s find him. Hey Mr. Sparrow. We would like to help you. Please come out. Pretty Please Mr. Sparrow, why aren’t you flying? Are you hurt? Oh I wish i could understand what he is saying. Mr. Sparrow, could you use sign language to speak to us Errr….you are shy? I get it…afraid.. Mr. Sparrow is afraid to fly! Babies, how can we help? Mr. Sparrow, Blake is the best flyer here. She will teach you the wonders of flying and we will all be there with you A bird’s song is so sweet, But you need to get off your feet. Over the world you must soar high, Sing your song as you fly. Ba ba boom, ready to zoom. Hey, Mr. Sparrow seems to be afraid of heights, That’s why he doesn’t fly. Mr. Sparrow, open your eyes slowly. We won’t let you fall. We promise Yellow yellow daffodil, dancing in the sun. Oh yellow, yellow daffodil, you tell me spring has come. I can hear a blue bird sing, and hear a robin call, but a sparrow’s song we love most of all. That’s good Mr. Sparrow. I was scared the first time too, Mr. Sparrow But practice makes perfect. Let’s try again. Spread wings, flap and push! Bravo Mr. Sparrow! You did a great job today Blake. We together did a great job. I am so tired with all that flying I would love a lullaby to put me to sleep. All you will get is Bozzie’s snoring. That is Mr. Sparrow. I think he is saying thank you! That’s sounds so beautiful. Mmm… it’s so soothing I am already asleep. Babies, let’s not forget our promise! If you need our help! You can count
on us! That’s our Ba-Ba-Promise to you!

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