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Flydubai Flight 981 (FZ981/FDB981) crash & Full ATC communication with subs

OK, thank you very much, FZ981. Tower, FZ981. FZ981, Rostov Tower. I’m just calling you there to [ask if] you have any improvement on the weather? FZ981, now wind 230 degrees, 10 gusts 14 […] the base 630 m. Visibility […] thousand, correction 6000 m and […] showering. OK, thank you very much. Any windshear warning? FZ981, negative. OK, thank you. And when you look out […] window, there it looks better than before? FZ981, moderate […] Okay, thank you very much. FZ981, monitor information Bravo Thank you. Tower, FZ981. FZ981, Rostov Tower. How is the weather, sir? Is it better? FZ981, weather at 0020 Visibility 5 km, ceiling is 630 m […] [wind] 230 degrees, 13, maximum 18 m[/s] […] [runway] damp, light shower rain, mist on final [unreadable] and moderate windshear. OK, thank you very much. FZ981 Go ahead for FZ981 FZ981, 822, wind 230 degrees, 14 m/s, maximum 18 m/s, visibility 6 km, scattered 480 m, broken 630 m, meteorological audit […] not reported, inbound windshear on the runway. Copy, FZ981. Request descent for our approach, FZ981. [russian aircraft] [ATC replying to the calling aircraft with current meteorological conditions] […] 310. [russian] 310, FZ981. [russian] FZ981, contact Rostov Radar, 11[…] [russian] Rostov Radar, hello again, FZ981, descending FL360 for FL70, FL070, sorry and heading 310. FZ981, Rostov Radar, heading 310, [unreadable] descend to height 600 m. Descend height 600, 900 m, FZ981. FZ981, descend to height 600 m. 600 m, descending 600 m. QNH confirm 998? FZ981, affirm. QNH 998 and descending… 998 on the QNH, descending 600 m, FZ981. [russian aircraft] [Rostov Radar, russian] [russian aircraft] 981, turn right heading 300 Right heading 300, FZ981 [Rostov Radar, russian] [russian aircraft] [Rostov Radar, russian] [russian aircraft] [Rostov Radar, russian] [russian aircraft] [Rostov Radar, russian] [russian aircraft] 981, turn left heading 290. Left heading 290, FZ[…] [russian aircaft stepping on FZ981 transmission] [russian] 981, cleared to approach runway 22 and report established on the localizer Cleared runway 22 and will report on the localizer, for your information, in case of go-around we are going to climb to FL80, 80, FZ981 981, roger. [wind]check please. 981, 230 degrees, 12 gusts 18 m/s Copy, established on the localizer, runway 22, FZ981 981, contact tower 119.7 Tower 119.8, FZ981 Rostov Tower, hello again, FZ981, established on the localizer runway [2]2 FZ981, Rostov Tower, good evening. Surface wind 230 degrees, 12 maximum 1[..] [Cleared to] land runway 22, FZ981 981 QFE 988 hPa, QNH 998 hPa 998 hPa, FZ981 FZ981, visibility 3500 m, QFE 987 hPa, QNH 997 hPa 997, copy, FZ981 Going around, FZ981 FZ981, contact Rostov Radar 121.2 121.2, bye bye [russian] [russian]

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