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Fixing Your Body Language to Find Love: Part 1 || STEVE HARVEY

– Okay, Cori, now you say that Jessie, that her body language
is scaring me in a way. How? – So initially, she’s pretty
open, she seems inviting, but once you start talking to her, it’s like she goes lift. She’ll cut her eyes at you like no other. She’ll roll her eyes. She might fold her arms. And if she really’s not interested, like let’s say she’s a guy, she will turn towards her
friends, cross her leg, and do this little uppity hand raise like why is he talkin’ to me. And nobody wants to talk
to somebody like that. – Wow. (all laugh and audience applaud) Now this is interesting. So Jessie, where do you
think it is that you’re goin’ wrong when it comes to your body language? – Okay, Cori’s right, okay. I will look at you. I will fold my arms. I might even lean away,
give you a little attitude. ‘Cause I’m tryin’ to figure out… If you approach me the
wrong way, for example, you come at me with a “Hey shawty.” Who you talkin’ to? I don’t know why you talkin’ to me. You can go on about your business. But it’s all like what
I’m givin’ at that moment. So if you approach me
with an “Excuse miss”, ’cause my Daddy raised me right. I know how I’m supposed to be approached and because of him, I have
these very high standards. I’m just giving you back what I receive. So if you give me somethin’
that I don’t like, yes. I’m tryin’ to figure
out who you talkin’ to. – And that’s why she’s single now. – Yeah, but see, you just gave it to me. I ain’t givin’ none to you. (all laugh and audience applaud) Now, okay, Blanca, based on what you’ve heard, what do you think Jessie’s doin’ wrong? – She has these high expectations. So it’s her mind-set that if a man is not gonna approach her respectfully, by her definition, then she’s gonna shut him off. She’s gonna turn him off. And that can be a very big mistake. Because he’s tryin’ to figure her out. He’s tryin’ to figure out
a way to approach her. So if her mind-set is negative, her body language is naturally gonna flow, and it’s gonna be negative. So it makes it hard
for someone to come up. If she were to, say,
have a different mind-set and say, alright, let me give
him the benefit of the doubt and smile and make it more inviting, she might be surprised
at what might follow. (audience applaud) – I like that. I like that a lot. Ladies, also, let me say this to you and all the ladies listenin’. Do you understand what it takes
for a guy to come up to you in the first place? We all have to grapple
with the fact that we could be facin’ rejection. I think your friend is right
for bringing you here ’cause- – She mean. (laugh) (audience laugh) – I’m nice. – [Audience Member] No you’re not. – You’re nice to who? – I’m a real bubbly person. Once you get past-
– [Steve] What? – I’m so serious. – [Steve] You a real bubbly person? – I am so serious, Steve. – Yeah, you say you’re
a bubbly person, when? Once you get past what? – If you can get past the uhh. – If you can get the past the uhh, it’s some bubbles back there? – It’s a whole bunch of bubbles. It’s a bubble field. I promise. – Yeah, but that’s why you by yourself. (all laugh and audience applaud) ‘Cause we can’t get to the bubble field. See, invitin’ a guy into the bubble field don’t mean that you gonna
let him bust the bubbles. But he gotta at least be able to know if some damn bubbles back there. (audience laugh) That’s all it is, man. Well, this is what we gonna do. We’re gonna put this to the test. Now over there, we got
a bar set up, alright? So let’s go. (audience applaud) Alright, Zack, come on out. (audience cheer and applaud) – [Blanca] Hi. – How you doin’? – [Blanca] Good, how are you? – I’m good. – After the break, we’re gonna see how a few simple changes with
Jessica’s body language can make a world of difference. So when we come back, we’re
gonna find out how this works. Don’t go away. There’s more to this live experiment. You don’t wanna miss it. (audience cheer and applaud) (funk music)

100 Replies to “Fixing Your Body Language to Find Love: Part 1 || STEVE HARVEY”

  • Sounds like she wants a GROWN man, and a man with CLASS. I don't have a problem with her body language because she said that's how she acts when she's NOT interested in someone, so..

  • I disagree with the advice given by my guy this go around. If they cannot approach you right, what else can you expect later on? Being nervous about approaching a female has nothing to do with being disrespectful.

  • If men would just approach all women with respect this wouldn't be a topic. Ladies we must remain approachable.

  • You where that child that played by themselves. If there are bubbles back there…. keep them cause we don't want yo bubbles. 🤣😂

  • Expecting a man to approach you right is "high expectations"? Dont listen to that lady. They way white women get approached is different from how black women get approached. What I would say is sista needs to turn down her attitude.

  • Lol she is right,guy should approche hef in a respectful way, she's not adking for a lot. You just have not meet the one

  • To be completely honest I don't know what's disrespectful about "Hey Shorty" I personally don't like it but I don't see the disrespectful part. Anyone care to explain please

  • The expert really hit home with her advice on such high standards that she shuts them down too fast. I am in no way saying to give any time or attention to disrespect, but it seems if a man doesn't approach her EXACTLY how she expects for him to then it's an automatic no. Everyone is different and it does take a lot for a man to approach a woman. As long as he's not being disrespectful, maybe give him a couple of sentences before you decide its a no and send him on his way.

  • Wow….
    So, she is supposed to accept any kind of disrespectful guy approaching her? There's nothing wrong in demanding respect from people, especially in the dating field!

  • The therapist is 100% wrong! No REAL MAN approaches a woman in that manner and no REAL WOMAN is going to accept a man approaching her in just any fashion. If you want to be taken seriously, approach a woman respectfully.

  • I don’t blame her for being careful with a man from minute one however she has to be smart enough to go beyond approach and dealings. I’m not saying she is but I will day after so many disappointments she can end up with a guy who said all the right things and knew exactly how to approach her and deal with her and he can still be full of it

  • I think she has that body language no matter the approach lol she seems like the type. Her logic is correct but I don’t think she uses it in that context

  • I don't agree. You SHOULD turn people away who approach you crazy. "Hey Shawty" ain't nobody you wanta take home. Grow up and get some manners, dude… then I might be interested. I think it's bad advice to advise women to entertain what they're not interested in. A respectful person might look and notice you don't do "jive" and approach, because they don't do it either. On the other hand, if your sitting there entertaining silly men, they'll think you're silly too and move on… as well they should.

  • Nope. The bar is not the place to look for a mate, because it's a sexually charged environment. Love isn't about sex. It's about relationship, which gets blurred, even compromised when sex is put first. Of course you want to be attracted to a person, but a relationship predicated on sex isn't being built on a solid foundation.

    So to me, the whole bar scenario is wrong from the gate. Should you be drinking when looking for something as important as a life partner? I'd say "no."

    Just my opinion. I take my life seriously, so I won't be choosing while drunk or based on animal attraction. #ijs

  • … and being single isn't the worst thing in the world… especially when you're happy being with YOU. Being content to be single gives you time and space to choose well.

  • She’s not saying anything unreasonable. And I can definitely tell there are some bubbles behind the bricks lol

  • Steve is right…ladies yes we want a man to respect us however the way to handle a situation like that is example him: hey what’s up?
    U: I’m well thanks how r u?
    See the way u respond sets the tone for him to get his act together u will then know from the way he handles this brief encounter what to do if it still doesn’t go well respectfully decline his offer or say well it was nice speaking to u have a great day and walk off
    I’m the type of person that just because someone doesn’t know how to respect u u have to give them a brief lesson
    We teach ppl how to treat us

  • I understand where she is coming from; however, the way she interacts with one guy can potentially turn off other guys.

  • I dont think she is asking for much. All she wants is respect. I think the problem may be her environment. I think she needs to go out in areas that typically have high caliber men. She will less likely run into men greeting her with "hey shawty, what yo name is?". I'd rather be single like her than attract a "man" who approaches me like a damn fool. It isn't that hard to be polite.

  • Hello! my name is Bortus and i think you are a really Beautiful lady!. Would you like a drink and some company? if it isn't a bother?.

  • Ms.reeder on Steve Harvey show u use to teach me now you is here wow 😮 I’m so happy for you ms.reeder

  • So having high expectations and standards.. is wrong? LIES! His only option of an approach is RESPECT! You do not know that woman, even if you did.. It takes so much to come approach a woman but yo ass choose THAT approach 🙄 NAH.

  • At 5'3" I hate the name SHAWTY! period. Just say hi and smile. No games, don't try to be cute.

  • She doesn't have to have her guard so high either. She could be a little bit more welcoming

  • The most difficult thing is to approach a person and show interest. The meanest response is to ignore or show rudeness.

  • Steve is wrong on this one. He wouldn’t like it if a guy approached his daughters in a thug way. She should keep her high standards. She has a father in her life. Steve is a father. Her fathers parenting skills aren’t bad. Steve needs to stop it on this one. I know he’s a celebrity in all and he dresses nice and he likes to help people. But he’s wrong on this one.

  • Coming from a man. There is nothing wrong with her "mindset". Standards are Standards! She must stay single until she finds a man who meets those standards! You can't let the world devalue you just so that you can make life easy for a man. A real man will look past the initial body language prove his value by his game.👌🏾

  • Nope.. I believe you hv to hv standards but i dont think you hv to be overly rude to get ur point across tho.. it's all abt tact

  • Girl don't let these people give you bad advice. You have the right to be approached respectfully. A male who says hey shorty lacks basic home training and social skills. This is not the the kind of dude you want in your life. Would you want a dude who talks like that to father your children? Would you introduce him to your father?

    Men behave like men.

  • she should keep her standards the way they are. Why does she have to lower her standards and not approach her in a respectful way.

  • I can guarantee you that she will Keep her body language the exact same until a Gentleman finally approaches her with respect. This is her reaction when she is Rudely approached by Men who cat-call. They are bad news.

  • Women are so so so lucky that men are socially expected to approach them
    So lucky it's so so so so so hard to approach a pretty girl that you really want to date bad

  • Loooool those aren't high expectations sis you don't wanna make a real mistake lol don't smile at no man that don't deserve it science proves what smiles can do

  • White America is a pagan nation. That means they have no God, no Jesus, no hope, and Don't know the ways of God. As A Result, THEY CAN'T TELL YOU WHAT TO DO THAT IS RIGHT! Pagan means not of God, sinner, non-Christians. Therefore that is not "good"! It is bad!

    That's a TRAP set out for these pagan black women to serve a different lil g gods that draw your hearts away from the One true living God.

    The Bible Jesus says, blessed is the man that does not take counsel (advice) from the ungodly.

  • Its rude to turn your back on someone. And starring people down as if she is saying "why is he talking to me" is pointless. If she doesn't like the approach then tell them simple that you are not interested.

  • Since Men Do Most Of The Approaching We Take Highest Amount Of Risk Of Being Rejected Or Even Humiliated Publicly… I’ve Been Turned Down Harshly By Some Women & My Approach Was Completely Respectful… I Also Noticed There Are A Lot Of Women Who Don’t Know How To Invite A Guy W/ The Appropriate Body Language As Well…

  • Be a gentleman not get Shorty come correct don't mean he can't be a good guy just the wrong approach no cat calls very disrespectful but with her could be more to it

  • I'm such a serious person as well! (Face wise) lol she sounds just like me! I need to work on smiling & perhaps body language too! It's just easier to have a serious face! 😂🤔🤷‍♀️

  • Wrong advice. Why waste her time. A "hey, shorty" man shouldn't get far.
    So the "expert" is saying…"black woman your standards are too high"…WTH?!

  • While I can appreciate these tips for women on how to get a man, keep a man, treat a man, etc, I'm also over the sh!t. Why? Because I'm tired of all this dialogue about what women need to do to get a man. I feel like all this does in a way is make women fee like if they are single it's their fault or there is something they are doing wrong. Get some men on this show and show them how to get back to courting a woman and stop trying to race going out on a date with Netflix and chill.

  • If a man has to figure out “how to approach a woman,” then he ain’t the one. I’m not caving; and ain’t nothin wrong with exchanging pleasantries with a woman; and leading into a casual conversation.

    I was raised by my daddy too, when it comes to men, Jessie. I need for women to be more of an example, when it comes to dating the opposite sex and teach them how to approach a woman/female so he when he grows older he doesn’t trample on another man’s daughter boundaries.

  • You approach me wrongly, boy you gonna wish you never talked to me. Calling me all this nasty, disrespectful names like "Shawty" etc is a no

  • with her Fat Muffin Top and nasty attitude she'll be single FOREVER…put hight Standards on your mid section , trust me is hanging there….

  • This is why I don’t even approach women anymore. I just go sit next to them and let my Dior Savage Cologne do the talking for they get a whiff of my scent its game over.

  • Jessie girl very beautiful, I wouldn’t think she be short of admirers, get past the bubbles honey she gonna be a fire cracker 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • So we reached the point where expecting a man to approach you with respectful words is having too high of a standard…well damn!!!!!

  • Your reality is a reflection of self if. She expects a certain approach but can't be open to it she wont get it. Why dont she approach the man, oh women dont. So she should be the change she wants if thats the case. Thugs and rappers approach with hey shorty not all men.

  • That lady is totally insecure and use attitude as defensive arm. Like that won't succeed coz most probably she will land with the wrong man…promise!

  • I like the other young woman Jessie but I really do like this one more – Cori — hubba wubba!!! The more I look at Cori the more she reminds me in my opinion of Judge Faith Jenkins. Like she could be Judge Faith's younger sister.

  • I would not entertain every guy that approaches me. Ain’t nobody got time or patiences for that. How he approaches me is part of the weeding process.

  • Steve's advice has to be for entertainment purposes. I agree with the woman with the initial impression response. You bring mess, you get trash

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