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Finland in your language –

Finland in your language Alex and Emma, a young couple who are planning to move to Finland, are bursting with questions. Do I need a work or residence permit? From where and how should I apply for such permits? How does taxation work? Emma is pregnant and her child would be born in Finland. What would her child’s nationality be? What kinds of services does Finland provide for families with children? Those are just a few of their questions. Alex is wondering if he and Emma will get by on public transport in Finland. He’s also curious about how cold the
Finnish winter will be. Alex and Emma find the service. Everything you need to know about Finland in a nutshell! They find the answers in just one evening – not in a week as they feared. And what’s more – in their own language! At the same time they obtain lots of information about working and studying in Finland, the Finnish language and housing. Are you planning on moving to Finland? Or have you recently moved to Finland? At InfoFinland you’ll
find the answers to your questions and gain fast access to Finnish society and
culture. We continuously update our information in cooperation with the public authorities. Welcome to Finland! is there to help you.

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