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Fingerspelling Receptive Practice (005) ASL (Rear View)

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  • Notice: This particular is specifically intended to be "hard." It is intended to be recorded from behind. It not intended for beginners but rather for advanced students who want to practice reading fingerspelling from behind.

    For those who need / want an easier video you may wish to consider one of the other videos in my Fingerspelling playlist.


    and scroll down in that list to where you may feel more comfortable.
    – Dr. Bill


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  • I feel like I’m “listening” to someone speak whose back is turned towards me I don’t know what’s being said I can’t “hear” them

  • HELP! Is there hope? Are there people who understand this? I’m going back to the beginning and starting over. Maybe in three years…

  • Numbering these on screen might be a good way to show when a word has stopped, and another has begun. As it is, it all ends up looking like one long word to me, of course, maybe thats my own problem

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