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Fingerspelling Practice #fingerspellfriday 2

So you want to practice finger spelling.
Well, today’s video is 10 words
just for you coming up. [inaudible] Rochelle here helping you to build, strengthen and explode your
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below is the practice sheet with the 10 words that you going
to cover today. Because remember, finger spelling practice is
both receptive and expressive. Receptive being watching the signs and
understanding them and expressive being actually finger spelling them yourself.
You have to do both. You have to have to have to have to do so. Get that sheet so you can practice both.
Alright, before we get into the list, quick reminders.
Do not say the names of the letters. Sound them out. Ass Row. Don’t go. A s. T, R, O no, no, no, no, no Niu. Okay. Number two, look
for the shape of the word. What are the shapes of the letters making
all together and the shape of the work? Just like if you’re reading now,
if you want more information on this, I go into this in depth and a free course
that you can get here. Or is it here? Somebody put it in one of these corners. It better be in one of
these corners in this list. I signed each word three times. All rate,
slow rate. Hopefully I’ll remember to go. Slow and normal rate again, make sure you watch it all three times
before you pause and go back and try to review it. Watch all the
words, then go back. Okay. That’s going to help you get you
build your receptive skills. Okay? Promise me that you’ll do that. All
right. This theme of this list is animals. Let’s get going. All right, let me know in the
comments below. How did you do? Are there any words that you missed? What
were you struggling with? Let me know. Thank you so much for watching.
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Thank you again so much for watching. I am Asr Michelle, helping you become an Asl Ninja Seo later.
Why am I waiting? I don’t know.
I’m like a lecture.

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