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Fingerspelling Practice #9 #fingerspellfriday

hey there today we are going to do an
easy finger spell practice woohoo I know you’ve been waiting and waiting
for so long saying Rochelle come on when are we gonna practice you need to help me
and that is why we’re here okay today’s theme is meals are you ready let’s do this number one now number two number three and number four and number five hey you did it All finished do you feel
pretty good about it? I know it’s a new style and system that we’re using and
it’s really neat but if you have questions or you’re confused a little
bit that’s totally fine in the description box below here there is a
link that you can click and it will open up a new video that’s called
fingerspelling mistakes this is actually changed in title but
you can still get access to the same video so you click that link and it
opens up a new video and you’re gonna watch it understand what’s going on you
finish it close it up and come back to this video and practice again okay
alright in the comments below please let me know how you did today and I really
hope you did good don’t forget to download the practice worksheet thank
you guys so much for watching love you ti-ra-mi-su…
yeah that’s how I was spelling it, that’s what I thought doubt, get thee hence focus focus focus

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