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Fingerspelling Practice #11 #fingerspellfriday

Ha! Oh, yeah. It’s fingerspell Friday. Wahoo! You love it . I love it. We all love fingerspell Friday, all right . Now, today we’re going to do 10 words. We’re not gonna have any sentences. Just those 10 words. But we’re still going to be building templates, all right? Now Do you remember how to build templates? We’ll do it in these four easy steps. First you watch the word at the normal speed. Then you watch it in slow motion . Then you see the word in English, and then you see the word one more time at the normal speed . Okay, so watch it. Don’t feel any stress about it . or pressure? Don’t worry. If it’s too fast, just watch it and try and do your best. Okay? Now, I do have a worksheet that you can download and you can use for your own practice at home or at work or whatever. Whatever. Now, are you ready? Well, of course you’re ready. Let’s get going. Oh, I almost forgot the theme for today Is names ? ? Done and done. Okay. Did you do good? Bad. maybe a little Okay. Let me know in the comments below. Thank you . so much for watching you are the absolute best. If this helps you at all, please click like and subscribe

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