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Fingerspelling Double Letters ┃ ASL Stew

(♪♪♪) Hi everybody welcome back. So today I thought I’d go ahead and talk about fingerspelling. Someone recently requested to talk about double letters like reed or deer. You know so double letters like that. Loop, L-O-O-P, so I thought I would discuss a few different variations of how you can fingerspell with double letters. Ok so the first kind is called the bounce. So that means that for example loop, you would sign L-O-O-P, so you can see the O is bouncing like the little arcs. O-O-P So that is one way that you can bounce the letters like deer, D-E-E-R, or happy, So it has a little bit of a bounce. Another way that you can move is like a glide motion I guess you’d call it. That means what you do for example, like with deer is you would signs DEER. E-E in one fluid motion, E-E DEER. DEER or happy, LOOP. So that’s a glide EE OO meaning a double letter. Like with tree, TREE. T-R-E-E, E-E tree. So obviously it kind of depends on what your comfort level is. You can sign either way. If you have a different style that’s is fine. Just uh there’s different ways that you can sign. Just make sure if you’re seeing something or fingerspelling a double letter let’s say it’s not a common word. Maybe I don’t know it’s something really different, make sure you emphasize those double letters. So I don’t knkow if it’s a really weird word or something and it might be tough to understand if you do the fast EE OO type of thing, then just be careful. Ok hopefully this short video has helped you guys if you were wondering about double letters and fingerspelling. If you have any tips for me or anyone else, leave it as a comment below. I’d appreciate hearing from you guys. As always I’ll have other videos down here. So please click them, like them, comment share them, I’d appreciate it. If you’re not already subscribed click over there or down below and again I appreciate it and I’ll see you in the next video. BYE!

7 Replies to “Fingerspelling Double Letters ┃ ASL Stew”

  • Thanks! I think I was the one who requested this. You explained everything perfectly. I tend to slide my hand with double letters, because I read on some Deaf message boards that bouncing was like, "the worst thing ever", even though I've seen deaf people bounce when they finger spell. So I'm glad to see that that the bounce and slide are both acceptable. Thanks for taking time to make this video!

  • How can I Understand finger spelling? Deaf people finger Spelling too fast? What tips improve vision see person hand shape. Sometimes there letter gone for finger spelling word.

  • This is so helpful. I've always wondered, but I think I've also just picked up on both styles without being explicitly told about them.

  • Thanks for posting this video! Ugh, finger spelling is the worst :(. It's so hard to catch what is going signed, especially when a deaf person is finger spelling! WOW, it's so hard. I feel ridiculous always having to tell people to slow down, LOL! I know it takes patience and lots of practice.

  • Hey I just found out through your blog you're a RIT graduate! I don't go there but I'm a Rochester native! I just recently found your channel but I really love it, it's been really helpful as I begin to learn sign language. I really like the voice over in your videos instead of you signing and speaking all at once.

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