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Fingerspell Practice #14

Well, hello there. I’m happier here because we’re gonna have another fingerspell Friday practice. You know I love it. This month’s theme is December Holidays continued. Remember two weeks ago? We had December holidays also. Now, what you gonna do? I’m going to fingerspell 10 words for you. Each word is gonna have a normal speed. Slow speed English word that you’re going to see and then the normal speed one more time. Okay, let’s go. We’re done. If you want to continue practicing today, I have fingerspelling practice worksheet down below for you that you can download for free and use to practice. So you can look at the words and practice each one. Also, I have many other practice videos and other worksheets that you can use and watch as well. Okay, so let me know if you did good, bad you struggled or it was super successful and easy for you. Let me know. Thank you again. I’m so happy. Have a happy holidays. Enjoy the season of fun and celebration. Family, friends, eating. Okay, I’ll see you later. Bye.

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