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Family/friend Sign language

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel! Ready to learning about Family, friends and relationship. Ready??? Oh oppies. So I just forget put on notes. Girl Daughter Boy Son I think it is done which i forget. I am not sure so it would good. Sorry and thank you! So, just back to normal again! Female cousin Male Cousin I want to let you know that This week is last week is summer. That mean is I have to rescheduling again. I will back to school when in next Tuesday. Why i have to go school for? Well, I loves to learning. That is my last year of high school. That is so fast! I will post last video on Thursday about kitchen, room and etc. like What is look like inside of house. I am not sure that is long video so it would divide parts of video like bedroom, living room and etc. I don’t know but i will figure out how. I will post on Thursday but if it is long video so might it is divide parts of video on thursday. I try post on next Tuesday as first day of school. might day before that. Other video would post in next weekend. I will see happen, i try my best. I will post video on weekend after school starting. Hopefully it is would work out. IF it is not work out so i try but i will see. So, gave me take time. Have wonderful day. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video.

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