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[ZIPPER] [MUSIC] I’m Ava! I’m Ben! I’m Madison! I’m Drew! We’re the “Disaster Dodgers”! And we’re here to help you be prepared! If a disaster happened,
would you and your family know what to do or where to go? Who to contact? Or what to bring? Well, I’d DEFINITELY
bring myself! Well, that’s a start. But since disasters can
happen at any time and anywhere, without warning, you and
your family need to make a Family Communications Plan. That way, everyone in your
family will know what to do in a disaster, like how to get
in touch with each other. The best time to
make a plan is when the whole family is together. Like on Pizza Night. Mmmmm! Or before you all
watch a movie together. To come up with a good plan, make sure your family
answers these questions: “What types of disasters
happen where we live or travel?” This is a good way to get
everybody thinking about what types of disasters
could happen near you. “Where would we meet?” Pick a safe, easy-to-remember
place to meet, like a big tree or a neighbor’s home. Also pick a place to go
outside your neighborhood, like a family member’s
house or a community center, in case you can’t get home. “How would we
contact each other?” If your call doesn’t go
through, try texting. [bubble] Plan on calling or texting
somebody in your family- a grandparent,
uncle, aunt, cousin- someone who lives out-of-state. You can check in with
them to let everyone know you’re ok if your call
doesn’t go through. Make sure every family
member has a contact card they can keep in their
wallet, purse, or backpack. [BEEP] My cell phone died! I’m glad I have
this written down. See how many numbers
you can memorize. “What do I do if
I’m at school?” Stay calm and listen to
your teachers and principal. Your school has a plan to
make sure everyone stays safe, you’ll either stay in your
classroom or go somewhere else. “What do we do
about our pets?” [BARK] Awwww. Make sure your family has a
carrier, food, collar, and leash ready for your furry friends. Making a Family Communications
Plan is pretty easy. And fun! But getting your family to start
on one might be a little harder. Especially if they’re
busy with other things. Here’s one way to do it: Hey, Mom. We learned some important family safety tips today in school. I’d like to tell
everybody about it. Maybe we could talk
at dinner tonight. Sure. I just have one question. Cheese or pepperoni? Pepperoni. Thanks, Mom! Once your family
has a good plan, they’ll need to practice
it so they’re ready. You could come up with
some fun practice drills. And make sure
they put together a Family Emergency Kit. A Family Emergency Kit is
simply a bunch of things your family may need in
the event of an emergency. Your family’s kit should
have everything your family would need, if you
suddenly had no food, water, power, or shelter. Like my whole collection
of video games? Maybe one or two. Let’s see if we can
put a kit together. You may already have
some of this at home. Let’s have a
scavenger hunt! Here’s a checklist so we can
keep track of what we have. I found batteries! I’ve got a can opener! I’ve got a shoebox that we
can put our supplies in. We’d definitely need water. And enough food for three days. How about a radio? [MUSIC] Actually, a battery-operated
or hand-crank radio would keep you posted on
local disaster alerts. How about a flashlight, in
case the power goes out? Don’t forget the
first-aid kit. Since every family is different, every Family Emergency Kit
will be a little different. So here are a few more ideas. Local map. Dust mask. Garbage bag. Pliers. Clothes. Sturdy shoes or boots. Blankets. Rain gear. Books. Games. And cash. Compass. Flare. Charger. Toilet paper. Soap. Toothbrush. Toothpaste. And any prescriptions
or other items for family members
who may need them. Get the idea? Make sure the kit is
stored somewhere that is easy for everyone to reach. Remember, a lot of these items
may already be in your home. Putting the kit together
with your family can be fun! So talk to your
family about making a plan and emergency kit. Why not do it tonight? Always remember, when
it comes to disasters: Be informed. Make a plan. Get prepared. [SWOOSH] And go to
to find out more.

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