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Fake Sign Language Interpreter Not Even Close At Mandela Funeral

there has been a little bit of
controversy involving mandela’s memorial service apparently there was a sign
language interpreter there and some people in the deaf community
feel that this person I was just update he didn’t know sign
language he was not properly trained in it and that he made a complete mockery out
of the entire event now it’s a really really bad thing
because their is a video showing what the appropriate sign language is
supposed to look like and what this man was doing I’m as he
was interpreting what was going on at during the memorial but take a quick look at the video in here in I I I for it already good are you i loveeee without anyone close
it wasn’t anywhere near what the appropriate waited to the sign was so I can imagine how
angry and upset you know that the death audience members
were arm one person said as she know Walter she’s
actually from the World Association of sign language interpreter she said amo sign languages across the world
share similar structure and pattern in this person seems to be making a lot of
repetitive signs and isn’t displaying the usual facial expression or structure a sign
language that you would normally see I we don’t really need to debate this he
was even close I know I’m here is it was a complete and
utter brought what’s amazing is that he’s actually
been 20 but a different address yeah like this is like this guy’s a
professional scam artist is what it looks like I’m actually outraged by this okay I and I we would never do anything like
this to the young turks and I’ve never been so mad in my life
and it’s totally unacceptable and a I hope but other hand you get
there attend this in May 08 and he describes from interesting signs there are no value
from work gang signs or anything but him to miss like any sit there for like
a long time not say anything just outrageous the effect now I N about yeah I know where I know I don’t have
all of the other way about both okay this is terrible I feel bad that you
know a group of people that were there too remembered Mandela had to deal with that
but I mean I’m just amazed that they didn’t
do proper screening to make sure that this guy I knew what he was doing yeah I’m once again i’m absolutely outraged by this and and I I’m so bad about what is happening here
this is beyond I again gay far away is this guy’s got balls boss he argues
cylay which I K I mean who shows up when you don’t
know sign language at all shows up to nelson mandela’s memorial services were on stage it is a
I got this dog yeah I got this was a field on Hulu Laura bad any get a straight face throughout
the entire thing to do yeah straight face and I like he just
threw up a site everyone strongly like the just hangin affected June re: a oh well we do now some reject
him and we did have some respect ourselves
so a deaf community where work were right
behind you and we hope this kind is duly punished and we find him unacceptable he is being
investigated so there could be some consequences for this okay up I believe hit an investigation
about has just begun as well but

100 Replies to “Fake Sign Language Interpreter Not Even Close At Mandela Funeral”

  • Search youtube for "Jacob Zuma sings "Kill the Boer" at ANC Centenery Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa"….here he is doing the same type of "signs" to this song.

  • Different countries' sign languages do NOT share a similar structure.  Someone signing in England CANNOT be understood by an American ASL user, for instance.  Even their fingerspelling is different (England uses both hands).

  • @David Buschhorn

    I understand many sign languages are different, but they all continue in a similar structure based on grammer. To further this, I think the Youtube community should believe the Woman from the "World Association of Sign Language Interpreters" rather than a youtube commenter. I believe she has a little more credibility than you.

  • I would thought that they would realize that the man was signing in a different freaking language. Asl is not the sign language for everywhere else. South African English is way different from American English. Also in south Africa they speak a different language. His signing was correct according to their country and language. This is the problem with america they expect everything to be according to their standards.

  • This is pathetic having a man like that using fake, false sign language at the funeral of one of the greatest man that ever lived.  Surely, a person like that is screened first or was this to make a mockery of the man.  These days you just never know

  • In South Africa, they condemn him, in America, they praise him and look at him in amazement for his cunning, hustling and manipulating ways. 

  • I think it's hilarious, what this guy did. He defied so many people by slipping through the cracks and doing something funny. The society got butthurt about being humiliated by this guy and put him in prison. The only thing is that it was at a funeral, but I think they need to chill and stop fussing over a big joke.

  • To those arguing about socialism and capitalism and communism and North Korea and Cuba and Mandela and fdlkasfjds;lafj kdsla;fjk asl….
    Look up the definition of each system.
    Match them with the countries you are talking about.
    Evaluate whether they're socialist or capitalist or what.

  • What gives these two people to continue making a mockery of the deaf community by having part of their segment include someone fake signing?? Can no one see how HIGHLY offensive that is? The deaf community isn't a joke; they're a culture all of their own. It's not any more okay for these people to joke about their language than it would be for these two people to make fun of any other countries language. 

  • 'a little bit of controversy' my ass. ANC made SouthAfrica like a country of jackasses which it is not. Seems like if apartheid worked for any one country this would be it.

  • A correlation between facial gestures and sign language interpretations are key elements to conveying emotions, a major attribute to sign language, something "Jantjie's" monotone face was a complete stranger to. (Pokerface) Sign language semantics have many variables, but the grammar itself is universally synonymous. A parallel to that is prosody, a subset of phonology, (a branch of linguistics) exploring highs, lows, rhythm, pitch and meter etc … Hence the reason a non-multilingual person can detect sarcasm, irony, condescension and other persuasive devices in dialogues, simply by understanding the universal tones. Regardless of the language.
    Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

  • Well, let's hope someone hasn't verified his credentials and pushed him through security so he can indeed say something to someone, it's just not the deaf community he's speaking to. Omg, illuminati, conspiracy theorists, aliens, religious fanatics…blahblahblah

  • WOW DUDE WHAT"S OUTRAGES IS YOUR IGNORANCE AND RACISM! HE May Be a Fake But what you say in this video is just as upsetting. And I'm white. 2:03  3:04 . 

  • I heard he was having an episode cause he has schizophrenia. . If that's true , TYT has got to get their facts straight before taking shit. Especially towards someone suffering from a mental illness

  • Just got to show how stupid people in power are. Either they were too stupid to check this guys credentials, or they were too stupid to think that the masses would catch on to him.

  • How do you a hire a fake sign language interpreter? Do you not look into their past or ask them to give you a sample? haha

  • SIgn language is not the same in every country. Were both interpreters shown above interpreting into the same language?

  • Can you imagine being a deaf person in the crowd? I mean, one or two of this guy's hand signs may have been real words…. so for a long time: "Hurblah durr blaah duck". XD Just gibberish and then a random word?

  • Not one word about the hearing impaired who might want to know what is going on .
    Which is the real crime that GOV. RUN NEWS HAS COMMITTED !

  • A frucking phony that could've been extremely dangerous to many heads of state during his BS schizophrenic crisis.

    Whoever was in charge of security that day should've been fired. Total failure.

  • I am disgusted that the captioning is not even close to what YOU are saying. Youtube seriously needs to use a better program bc many educational institutions are using this to caption videos shown in the classroom and THEY ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE AND MOST TIME DISTRACTING AND DISRESPECTFUL TO THE DEAF PERSON.

  • There isn't proper screening because the people who hire interpreters are not the people who use them. The professional field of interpreting is rather "under the radar" as I like to refer to it and the people of the general public do not know what kind of certification or education interpreters need to have. This kind of problem happens in the field of interpreting every day, even here in North America; but since they're booked for smaller interactions as oppose to nationwide events, it doesn't show up in the news.

  • take it from someone who's almost completed the pre-certification courses: if the interpreter/translator isn't making exaggerated facial expressions or body language, he or she is either clueless or really bad. you use exaggeration in place of verbal inflection.

    example…you'd speak aloud: "that guy is REALLY weird!" inflecting "really" to stress how weird that guy is. in sign language it would be "him weird" while making a contorted, frightened, or concerned face. signing doesn't use words like "very", "really", or "extremely"…you express those things with your exaggerated facial expressions or body language.

    example…if your appendix is about to burst, you say aloud, "HOLY SHIT THIS REALLY HURTS!!!" but in sign, you'd express the urgency with frantic gestures and a pained facial expression. if it was just a slight pain, you'd do slower gestures and a so-so pained face. it's all human nature–you can tell the same thing even if you aren't deaf just by looking at someone's face and gestures. you know how someone's face looks when they're REALLY mad, and how it looks when they're just annoyed? same thing with signing.

    signing is amazing because early humans used gestures and body language before spoken or written language…so in a way, sign language is the "original" method of communication. signing communicates words and information, but it can't communicate complex emotions…so signers have to communicate the complex emotions with their eyes, faces, and hands/arms.

    actually sign language is really fun and amazing. i can't wait to do it professionally. what other job lets you make crazy faces and gestures and pays you $40 an hour to do it, except maybe being an actor or a clown?

  • Hahahahaha, let's put it down to "Different Accents," signing. This is too hilarious for words. That man uses the same signs for every event. What a chalartan.

  • why didn't you talk about the president of SA being booed ? SA is under major political and economic turmoil !

  • People who aren't deaf or don't have hearing loss don't understand how frustrating something like this is. This is akin to when I put in a DVD that doesn't have English subtitles. I don't even bother watching it then, because there's no point. Fortunately I've only had this happen once with Blu Ray (yes, I remember the film: Raging Bull). So disrespectful to the people who pay for these media.

  • Nothing is more fitting than ridicule for funeral of this filthy Communist terrorist. Rot in hell together with Slovo.

  • Does anyone appreciate the irony of how these two are commenting on how the deaf community could not follow the events of the memorial, while the subtitles of this video are so horribly wracked with typos and outright mistakes?

  • It was hilarious when you consider there were world leaders, noble prize winners, and other expects. Not a single person during the event caught on?

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