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Facebook language and notifications options tips | #facebooktips | #languagesettingtips

language options in facebook previous videos are all about general settings, security settings of facebook this video is all about facebook language and notification settings options which language do you want to use into facebook the first options in language in which language you are comfortable use that language or if you want to change language so you can use edit options news feed translation onto facebook settings if you want to translate stories of facebok into your comfortable language than use this options which language do you understand onto facebook select either englsih, hindi or punjabi, tamil, etc… which language do you want to automatic translate onto facebook to your profile than use this option if i want to use multiple language into facebook profile you can use easily multiple language into facebook to clicking on right check box. next one is facebook notification options: notification settings into facebook tips onto facebook email address, desktop and mobile, text messages all notifications are used for facebook like tags, stories and all birthday eventitaion any type of tagging to you you can manage page or you are in any group of facebook email address option is used to notification into your email address all the notification relate to Facebook in right bottom corner notification onto your desktop you can turn on this feature all the notification of facebook you want into your cell phone than turned on this feature

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