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F. Scott Fitzgerald Bio in ASL

Hello, my name is Katherine Irwin. I want to tell you about a famous author from
the 1920s. F. Scott Fitzgerald. He wrote several stories, four novels, 164
short stories, a quiet few of them! The most famous and well known is The Great
Gastby. The four stories and one posthumously are… Fitzgerald was born in September 24, 1896,
died in December 21, 1940. He married a woman named Zelda Sayre. She was a daughter of a Supreme Court Judge
and was an affluence woman. When he proposed to her, she accepted. But when she learned he could not afford her
and was poor, no money, she broke off the engagement. He worked hard, scrapping by, working as car
roof repairman and other jobs. When he got money off from his stories, Scott
and Zelda got married. As time went on, during that time, the Great
Depression started. He wrote stories and earned some money, it
was sufficient for them to live on and travel on. They went to Europe, hung out with other authors. Scott has a close friend, Hemingway. They often talk about their stories, giving
each other opinions. Hemingway encouraged Fitzgerald to write. He despited Zelda because he believed she
pushed him away from writing and toward alcholism, party type of life. Scott loved Zelda, one of his story he wrote
was about her. This story… Zelda had schizophrenia and was sick. They were tight with money, he used his money
to live off and pay the medical bills and took care of her. The Great Gastby is very well known story,
it was an interesting story of the era about wealth, party, beauty, and all that jazz. But one story I love the most of all of his
stories, it was a very short story, but it has profound impact on me: The Curious Case
of Benjamin Button. It was very interesting story to really think
about, how it applies to our modern day lives. And how we treat the older generations and
treat the younger generations. Wow. Fitzgerald was a famous author at the time
while he was alive? No, not really. He scrapped by all right. His story was mediocre during the era, until
after he passed away, his stories became famous, popular and classics and people loved it because
he was considered “lost generation of 1920s”.

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