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Exploring functions of Language I भाषेचे उपयोजन

In our third standard’s marathi textbook, there is chapter named “Funny Boats”. There is a boy named “Bandu” in that chapter. The boy used to make walnut boats for the dwarfs. Based on that lesson, I asked to to get such stuffs from home, which is environment friendly, not harmful to the environment, such things you have to collect and make boats from them, in groups. In today’s lesson, children will understand different parts of spoken language, such as giving suggestions, asking questions, making predictions, convincing and so on. I will teach this by giving the kids the task of solving the problems they face while making the boats. For example, children will have to use the things they got from their home to make a boat, in pairs. They will have the freedom to use the language while making boats. Later I will analyze their speech and the variety of spoken languages. This is nice. Stick it well. Should we cut it here ? We could have done that but it is in insufficient measures. I have this thread here, we can use it to hang there. We can use it as a compound. We can cut this again. Hey, don’t use a gum, only a cello-tape will work here. Hey this will not fit there. Slowly, don’t let it fall. Ravi, Shivam.. Pay attention. When children are busy with work, I approach them and take note of what they are talking about. Ask them questions about the work they are doing. At that time, various elements and functions of what they are talking about among themselves, will be shown automatically. Everyone read it out. What do you think is written here? Its what we spoke while making the boats. You were speaking in good tone with each other while making the boats. Asking each other, telling each other. These are the words about the boat you made today, the action you took, and today we are going to think a little differently. The sentences which are marked in red color, read those out. Who will read it out ? Ira, you read. You two draw a picture each. Put these sticks in a row. What was your motive behind speaking these lines. They give each other tasks, what to do, what not to do.. Those who are with us will get to know the instructions. We were giving instructions to them, right ? What you guys gave each other? Instructions. Means, what was the purpose behind these sentences ? Give instructions to each other. Okay. So now… Next Now this sentence. Karan you read. Oh man, what a jerk of the exam. Correct. Now what is the purpose behind this sentence. We say this because we are troubled. We are telling other what we don’t like. We are bored, that’s why we said this sentence. What this sentence indicates us, that we are troubled by it. To show that we are troubled, we use this sentence. In this lesson, children are aware of the various objectives achieved through the use of spoken language. Then I evaluate them. For this, i give them some sentences. that are used to show different purposes. Children read sentences such as expressing happiness, expressing fear, expressing sadness and assign them accordingly. Children’s understanding of the various motives and the effects of their actions on the use of language can be understood. Now i will assign you a task to do in groups. Now see there is this pink table, and i have written some purposes on them. Now you have to read the sentences, and write down the purposes for them by discussing among yourself. Make correct pairs for of them, got it ? I don’t like bitter gourd at all. To dislike

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