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Explore Nexus S: Near Field Communication

>>WILSON: Hi, my name is Simon Wilson and
I’m an Engineer on the Android team. One of the great new features of Gingerbread in Nexus
S is NFC or Near Field Communication. NFC is a secure technology that is being trialed
in countries all over the world and is already in wide use throughout Japan. NFC allows your
Nexus S to read information from what we call smart text or everyday objects that have NFC
chips in them. These can be anything from stickers and movie posters to t-shirts. Your
Nexus S can read text, URLs, contact information and many other types of data from these smart
objects. Simply place the back of your phone within a few inches of the object to read
the data. And within mere seconds, my phone has read the information from this object.
Pretty cool, huh? You can also save tags you’ve scanned for later use in the Tags App included
with your Nexus S and even store ones you like. NFC only works at objects at a close
distance. Currently, your Nexus S can only read information from other objects. Information
from your Nexus S cannot be read by other devices or objects. And if you like, you can
turn NFC off right in the settings menu on your Nexus S.

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