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Every Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Feature

In today’s video I’m gonna show you every s-pen feature on the samsung galaxy note 9, let’s get started Hey everybody, welcome to tech with bread where I help tech work for you So first, let’s start by talking about how the s-pen actually works with the note phone So if you have an S Pen it’s not going to work with an S Nayan or s9 Plus it only works with note devices because there is a unique digitizer Within the screen that is able to power the s-pen So that means when I hover over the s-pen, I don’t even need to pair up the phone it will just show that I can interact with the screen that also means that I can take other s pens and Use them as well any S Pen that is compatible so inside the S Pen there are a bunch of coils in here so that when you get too close to the screen it is able to interact with the phone so that is why the note may cost a little bit more and Also why this is such a powerful S Pen compared to a stylus that you can buy at the store so now that we understand that a few other things that you need to know is when the S Pen is Interacting you’ll see that little dot on the screen. You cannot use touch input So that’s one of the benefits if you’re drawing or something You have the S Pen on screen and your tan touches. It will not interact with the screen and mess up your drawing So that’s one cool little feature But whenever you’re within 10 millimeters that is when the S Pen interacts Now with the note 9 S Pen there is a super capacitor in here we’re able to do a few extra functions when the S Pen is away from the phone and we’ll get to those in a minute but that is essentially how the S Pen works with the phone and then one other thing that I get asked a lot is what is this little clicky part at the top of the S Pen do That is just to help eject the S Pen out You could also call it the og fidget spinner, you know if you’re a fidgeter It’s really nice to have just like a clicky pen and then here you have a button onto the screen So whenever I say press the button, that is the button I am talking about and we’ll get to that in a minute So I want to start off by going to the locked position of the note phone and talking about screen off memo so when your note 9 is locked and you Eject the s-pen it’ll automatically go into screen off memo Once the off screen memo has opened up you can begin writing just like this you have to do anything open any application I do want to show you a quick tip So if say you draw something you want to quickly erase it you don’t actually have to go up to the eraser all you have To do is hold down on the S Pen button and there it is an eraser so I can go through and erase all this And then I can write something else. So then you have a few other options on here if you want to keep writing Let’s say you fill up this full page All you need to do is press the arrow right here Or you can swipe up with your finger and that will take you to the next page and you can just keep scrolling and scrolling And make many pages. I don’t think I’ve ever reached the end. So here you have an option which is a little pin So this is the pin to always on display so if I tap that it will actually let me know that I’m going to set this as my always on display and Here when I pin to always on display it will last for 30 minutes So here I’m going to select a pin and now you can barely see it on here But that note is on my screen and that will stay there for 30 minutes If I would like to edit the note, all I need to do is tap on it two times It will pop it back up and then I can begin editing it So then I could add a few things to this list. Maybe I’m at the grocery store or I want to Just write some new notes here and then I could go back up to the top Pin it to the window and there it has actually set it back on the home screen. So then let’s say I Wait, 30 minutes and it goes away So if I tap the little arrows here Double tap it will then go away if I want it to come back You can see this little paper with the pin I tap that twice you can use your finger or the s-pen and it comes right back So then if I double tap the trashcan that will completely delete it but here I’m going to tap on it to edit it one more time so now if you have finished writing your off screen memo you can either select the save and notes and then it will take you to the lock screen or all I need to do is Place the s-pen back into the phone and that will instantly hide my note and it has saved that into the Samsung notes application if the pin to always-on display option is not there on the off screen memo It’s because you have actually turned off always-on display on your phone The other option is because you are editing a note and it cannot be saved You would need to save a new note to save it to the always-on display Now before we leave the always-on display, I do want to show you one more things So I’m going to double tap to delete that note, but now I am on my lockscreen I have my s-pen out and I want to create a new note all I need to do is press the button while I am in within that 10 millimeters and it will then go right to my Off-screen memo you don’t have to put the pen back in and pull it back out And if at any time, you just want to go to the home screen All you need to do is double tap the home icon and then unlock your device now if we head into the Samsung notes application Here you will see the notes that I have created and it is showing up in yellow on my device So that is a little bit hard to read So if you want to adjust that All we need to do is go into the settings of the phone go to advanced features and S Pen So this is where all your S. Pen features will be available. So here I’m going to select screen off memo And right now it’s saying use s-pen signature color. So right now my S Pen is yellow So I’m going to turn that off if you had a lavender S Pen it would actually show up in purple So now that we have turned that off I’ll show you real quick open up my screen off memo and there we can write in Grey, and then when I save that into my notes, it will actually save as a black pen So if you want to change that that is how you can quickly do it So there you can see that it is black instead of the yellow next. Let’s jump in and talk all about Samsung Notes This is where all the notes on your phone will be stored if you are using any of the s-pen functions So here if I want to edit any of these notes so I can go back into the note 9 and then if I tap The note again there. I could actually write more and add more information So up here. You also have a text option. So if I wanted to just write out some text You can just enter it with your own handwriting just like that press the down arrow and that will hide so up Here we have ABC so that is where you can actually just use your S Pen to write down here We have a few options I could quickly change the color and the pen settings again. If you hold down the button you can then quickly erase here you have the undo and The redo and you will notice that when I am hovering over these options, you will see what the mode actually is There are so many settings on this phone. It’s hard to know everything about what the phone can do So when you hover over it will actually give you context – what that little option does if there’s no wording on it So then over here we have the lasso tool or the selection tool So if I write something and let’s say I want to move that I select the selection tool I grab what I want to move and then I can actually drag that make it bigger cut copy. Delete Extract the text move to the front or the back so you could have different Layers of the object and then last down here we have easy writing pets So when we select easy writing pad it is going to blow up kind of what is right there so that we can easily write and align all of our text together, so if I start writing Once you finish a word it will then move along And you can keep writing and keep all of your text aligned and the same size and then you don’t have to shrink it all Down right here, and you could also move this around. Maybe you want to move it up You could have it right here and there it would move down to the bottom So that is the S note writing option and then last here at the top. We do have the brush options So there are a few different cool things you can do in here so you can just draw like normal I really like a few of these brushes like this one the oil paint brush So if you draw in one color and then you select another color You can mix those colors together so you can get some really fun Drawings that way and then once you select save you’ll notice that it saved the drawing down here So it’s created these different categories of options so here was my off screen memo and then here was another addition that I added and Here is the drawing addition again if you want to edit one you would just tap on it and it will take you back into the options to edit there and Then when you are completely done, you can select save and then you can start up here You could share it when you share it you have the option as an S do C file PDF image or text only now a lot of people have asked can I export these files into the S note application? Now there is not an easy way to do that My suggestion would be to export as an image and then you can import into S note But that might be a topic for another video up here in the settings. You do have a few more options You can delete the note. You can lock it. So it’s password-protected here. You could pin it to the home screen So let’s say I want to get back to this note at another time Now if I go back to my home screen all the way over here, you will notice that it has pin note I would just need to tap on it twice and it takes me right back here Here on the menu you then also have the option to set to a reminder So it would remind you about the note and then here you could print that note now a few other things I want to talk about is that you can actually categorize all of your notes so over here in the menu of the notes here You have a ton of different options So if I long press on this it will then give me the option to move it and I can move it into a certain category and here I could add a Category there also when you are editing a note or you are adding content to your Samsung notes You can select the insert attachment here and you can add an image or a voice so if I wanted to record A note or maybe I’m listening to a lecture. I could actually record it in here and when I stop then I just select play And it will play right there and it will store it within your note and then here you have a few more options where you can actually turn off the rich text so down here it will hide the Different styles there and then you have the other option to turn off S Pen only So with S Pen only that means that I’m only able to write with my pen But now that I turn that off I can actually use my finger to write as long as my S Pen is away from the screen now There’s one last feature in Samsung notes that I want to talk about. So previously on note devices there was something called action memo where you could write something on screen and Touch a button and it would open that in a different application so you can still do that within Samsung notes So let’s say I write a phone number. So we’re gonna make it super complicated here and A number does have to be nine characters long You can also write an email address or a website or a math equation So once you write that down you do need to make sure it is as clear as possible Select save and then you will notice that it pops up in this blue color meaning it recognizes the information So when I hover over this now I can select the phone icon and that will actually take me to the phone app and I could make a call Here I could select the email icon and then select email and it will take me to my email app here I can select tech with Brett comm select the globe and it would take me right to that website So this is really nice if you write it down on the off-screen memo You can then easily get back to that information. And then lastly here. We do have a calculation It didn’t get my square root. But if we select calculate there it took me right into the calculator 64 plus 2 So that is how you can technically use action memo here within Samsung notes And then last when you create a note that is how you can do it another cool trick I want to show you if we want to quickly create a note while you’re using the phone just hold down the S Pen button Double tap the screen it will take you right to your Notes application So when you select save here, it will save it right into samsung notes. We have a few of the same options Here we can minimize the window tap it and we can make it big we can do fullscreen or close it right there So there you have the turn on S Pen only and we have Samsung notes at the top there So that is Samsung notes Now if you are a old-school Samsung user and you do not like Samsung notes You can download the S note application You will just need to go into your apps here go into Samsung folder go into the galaxy apps and here is where you will search for s note now all the default settings That we’ve done like when you hold down the button and double tap the screen or the off-screen memo that will always default those pictures into samsung notes but here you could actually open s note and then you can actually go into the settings and resync your account so that all your existing s notes from all the devices will show up but there is no way to Sync this info over to Samsung notes. They’re kind of independent apps at this point and that’s just kind of how it is now Let’s talk about the brand-new feature That’s specifically on the note 9 S Pen which is the super capacitor or the battery in the side of the device So if we go again into the settings of the phone advanced features right here We have S Pen features and at the top we have the new feature S Pen remote So when you open this up here I can see that my S Pen is Disconnected because I’ve actually been using it for about 30 minutes Without plugging it in when I want to charge it All I need to do is place it into the phone and it will automatically recharge It only takes about 30 seconds to be able to charge it up and there you can see that it’s already at one hundred percent Now it has been said that you could use this for about 200 clicks and that battery would go down now again That battery is only for the remote functions not for the actual usage of the s-pen So then down here we have the option to change the camera So right now if I hold down the s-pen it’s going to open up the camera or I could go in here and select any Application that I actually have on my phone and would open up that application or I can select the S Pen only features Then down here You have the option to choose what certain apps? Change what features so when I hold down the button and it opens the camera I can then take a picture or I could choose To switch camera record video or do nothing if I double press here? It’s going to switch camera or I could have it record video or whatever so then there are certain applications that have this functionality here the gallery you can skip to the next item the voice recorder in Chrome, you have these options now these have just automatically shown up I haven’t had to do anything to have these show up It will just automatically come on to your phone if you have those applications installed. So here you have master control So say there’s an application that is not showing up here If the app supports camera controls when you press the button It will take a picture or you have an app that does music When you press the button it will pause your play and double press will skip the song So let’s test out some of these features real quick. So here I am away from the screen So when you’re close to the screen and you press the button, it’s going to go out like that But if you’re away from the screen hold down the button it will then take you right into the camera application Now if I double press it will take me to the front camera And then if I press once that will actually snap a photo if I double click again It will take me back And then if you hold down the button again, it’s not going to do anything because we are already in the camera application But now I find back to my home screen And I press the button that will actually play or pause whatever. I was listening to in the background so there I press it again and it will pause it now if you want to know what is happening in the background you can Actually just hover over this and it will show you that right now if I press the button it will pause or play Or it will skip and then if we tap on our air command down here, it will show you those options as well so if I want to quickly change that from player pause I Can change it to skip or do nothing and then this will interact with whatever application you are in So let me show you so if I go into the gallery Here you can see that when I press the button. It’s going to show me the options down here for the gallery So if I press next it’s going to skip to the next picture if I double press it will go to the previous item So once I’m in my album, I open up a picture so now all I need to do is press the button and it will go to The next picture if I double press it will go back, press once it will go forward So that is how it kind of works within certain applications again one more if I go into Chrome I press the button. I have it set to scroll down If I double press it will go back up or you can have it go back or forward now This will work in typical Bluetooth range about 30 feet And then if you want to quickly go back to the S Pen settings Select the air command and then select settings here and it will take you right back into those and you could change your S Pen Remote settings. So this will also work with PowerPoint and even work when you have these Samsung decks connected to your device So while you are in this menu, this is actually where you could change out your S Pen so the S pen’s that come with the note 9 you have the yellow or the purple S Pen if you lose that or you actually want to buy a different S Pen found in the Description below you can actually come up here select the menu and select Reset S Pen so you can do this without the S Pen I can do that just with my finger But let’s say I lost this S Pen I buy a new one I could repair it or if I go and get a different color. I can repair it as well So then I select reset S Pen. So now it is set to default S Pen settings so now When I want to pair this S Pen and you’ll know it’s a note 9 S Pen because of the colors The other ones are black or blue But the new ones are yellow and purple so then I place this right in here and it will begin Pairing the S Pen to the phone. It does take a little bit, but it will actually pair up really quick It will also charge the S Pen if the super capacitor does not have any more charge to it And now the S Pen has been paired you can see that it is available so if I checked it, I now have the Bluetooth functionality hold down the button it will then pop up on screen and There you go Now your S Pen is paired again, and you can use the ble or the Bluetooth low-energy function Now the range on the Bluetooth is about 30 feet I have been able to see it go a little bit further than that But that’s about typical the range that you will get now. The next option here is unlock with the s-pen remote So if your S Pen has battery and let’s say you have it sitting aside and your phone is locked So make sure that that is enabled. So now my phone is locked I can just press the button here and that will actually unlock my phone and go right to the home screen or whatever Application I was just in now next let’s dive right into the air command settings So you’ll notice that when I press the button close to the screen It will pop up this air command and depending on what side of the screen I press the button that is what side the screen The air command will show up on also in the S Pen settings You have an option right here that you say when the S Pen is removed open air command create note or do nothing So right now I have it set to open air command So that means if I remove my S Pen when my screen is on there It is going to open up the air command You would just need to go into those settings and change that if you don’t like it that way So first here you have create note So that’s just what I did by holding down the button and tapping twice on the screen The next option is the smart slick. So this is a way that you can quickly take awesome screenshots, so if I want to take a screenshot of a certain part of the screen I would easily be able to do that and then here I can use Bigsby vision I could draw on it share it set as my Always-on display and then I can save it here But there’s a few other cool options you can do So if I go back into my gallery here and let’s say I want to cut out my mr. Incredible here So I’m going to press the air command go into smart select up here. I have the option to choose rectangle Lasell oval gift So I do want to cut him out right here, and I could choose lasso But I’m actually just going to choose the rectangle option and then I’m going to start up here and drag all the way down to the bottom corner here So then you get a few options up here at the top which is auto select or I could pin to screen so auto select Allows you to cut along the edge. So it does its best to find the edge of the object here It didn’t quite get it all so here. I’m just going to select remove and then I could draw Right here and Now it has removed that Portion and you just kind of play with it until you get it exact to what you want And then when you save this it will actually save it as a PNG So that you can import that into other applications and have this overlap Somebody or a picture you can make some really fun different things there. So let’s go back and choose the other options So let’s say I have another picture here that I want to Draw or something if I go into the air command smart select here. I’m going to choose rectangle again So I choose that option and then up here. We have the extract text So it would actually find any text on the screen You can easily copy and paste maybe it’s a picture You want to extract the text from you can do that and then here you can pin to screen So that means it’s actually going to hover this little picture up here on the top of the screen You can’t change the size or anything? But maybe I’m trying to draw it this picture in the background on my Samsung notes I can have it floating on top quickly draw it just like that if you tap on it, you have the option to Save or minimize or close? So if I minimize it? It’s just going to hide right here so I could do some drawing pop it back up to see what it looks like Just like that and then let’s close that down and then one more feature there was using a gift option So let’s go to a video that I want to record a gift from or rewind it here All I need to do is go into the gift option So we’re going to set like smart select and then we’re going to choose gif animation right up here in the top so now I’m going to choose this box on where I want it to record the gif and you do have the record and then high quality or standard quality So if you want it to send in a text or over a message application, you may want to select standard quality But I’ll just choose high quality for now. And then I’m gonna select play And then I’m gonna select record and then it will record whatever is on screen So then I hit stop and I can close down my YouTube here so there it has recorded that as a gift So that’s just going to loop over and over if I want to add something on the screen down here I can select draw and then it gives me the option to Draw and I could choose my color and now I can write something on screen and Then when you are done, I can select save and share or I could preview it right now. See how it goes So there you go tech with Brett tech for you not the best meme I’ve ever made but pretty close and Then down there you can select save it does take a second. It will take me right back to the home screen So that is the smart select option in air command and then here we have the view all notes So if I select that it’s just going to take me to The Samsung notes so we can view all the notes there the next option in Air Command is screen write so screen write allows you to quickly write on the screen So here if I want to main this picture I could quickly do that So anything you have maybe you have a Document that you want to make some notes on you could quickly do that here You could crop it share it or save it as well The next Air Command option is the live message so live message allows you to quickly send a unique message to somebody so when you pop this up You have a few different options one is you can actually change the background color So if I want to adjust the color here You can choose something that floats your boat and then up here at the top. You can actually choose a pen effect So you have quite a few here you have ink glow sparkle hearts and snowflake and right now I’m on the rainbow and then here I could choose the color of rainbow that I want to write with so as I write it will just change the color there and Then once you play the button and if you mess up you can just use the undo button and then when you’re done you select Play this is actually how it’s going to show up for the other person that you send it to and you can send this to Any other phone it doesn’t have to be Samsung phones. It can be any phone that recognize a gift format So you have the options to do a high quality normal quality Or you could actually send it as a video which is pretty cool So I’m just gonna select normal quality here select done and then it is going to save that away So now let me show you that if you are in the messaging Application and you want to message somebody right here on your keyboard? You actually have the live message option so I can select them live message. I could then change the background again So if I wanted to choose a different image that I actually have in my gallery I can do that. Now a third option down here is I can choose my emoji so if I have one of my emojis here I can select it and Then I could actually change the same thing that I would have done before the ink the glow all that here I can change the size and the color On-screen and then I can write on here and then here you have all the same options you can change the format select done select share and Then once you select save is actually going to attach that right into the message and I can select send I didn’t have to go Back in and attach it but that is how you can use live message So then the next option right here is the translate option. So actually received a comment the other day didn’t know what it said I use this to be able to translate it. So here if we go into our Chrome application So let’s say we are browsing on a website that does not have an English option or you’re looking up a menu in a different Language and you want to translate it? So here I’m on Amazon in Spanish and I want to translate it to English Here if I hover over this it’s going to tell me that that word means Account 3 and then down here. We have a few other options. I can do one word at a time So there we see that that word says proof But if I go up here and tap the T, it’s actually going to change to paragraph So now if I hover over this it’s gonna say try Amazon Prime today and get free fast shipping without limit So anything that you hover over you were able to actually quickly translate it right on screen if you want to change the language Here you have a bunch of different source languages you can choose or you have a bunch of different target languages that you can choose and it will remember the last language that you selected and then if we want to close that Just select the close option right there Next we have a you other options here. We have the coloring tool So coloring is a feature within the pen up application So my kids really love this they can come in here and draw all kinds of different pictures You just select start coloring If you want to save this, you would need to create a pen up account, but I really like that I can just choose an option down here You have a Paint Bucket to fill and you? Can fill in and make this look really cool really quick or you can just use the brush up here Just like the Samsung notes application Turn off the pen and then you can make some a really fun drawing So if you have some awesome pen up drawings, I would love to see them Let me know on my social Media accounts at Tech with Bret and then here you can save as draft You can go into the settings there and adjust some different things But that is the coloring feature and then I can select save and then also down here I can see what other people have drawn as well The next feature here is glance. So glance allows you to go back and forth between two applications really quickly So let’s say I’m looking at my bank account right here I have a bunch of transactions and I want to do some calculations and make sure everything looks good so I’m going to pop up the air command and then I’m going to select glance and Then down here it actually hid my application. So let’s say I want to do some calculations so now I can go into the calculator and You know do whatever calculations I want, you know to keep it super complicated for you guys But if I want to go back to my app, I’m not even going to touch the screen and I just hover over my finance app and there I can see all the information I could interact with the application and everything and then as soon as I Move my s-pen it will actually hide that application So you’re gonna glance back at this app, and then you can move it and use another Application so there you would want to make sure that you’re in the app you want to hide before? You go and open the glance feature and if I want to turn off glance I can hold this down and drag it right up here to the remove bucket And that is how you can use glance the next air command option is big speed vision So big speed vision allows you to use your S Pen to hover over things on the screen and it will give you certain Information so here just hovering over an app. It lets me shop I can search images text or even I could do a QR code So let’s go into our gallery here go back and choose a different image. So let’s just choose my logo right here So if I hover over it’s going to find my face there and I could choose the image option So that’s actually going to search Pinterest and find other images that look similar to mine So there you go pictures with circles pretty accurate. I know so then let’s go to another object Let’s say we want to look at a spongebob here hover over And I think we can drag this yeah, you can make that bigger and then we’re going to go shopping and Again, this will look through Different categories. So here we have Walmart and there it actually found a few different spongebob iPhone cases. Well, that’s great But uh, yeah, there’s a bunch of different things that you can do there and then the text options so let’s say we have some text on the screen if We hover over one of these select text it is then going to search that text We could easily copy it export it and translate it right there So that is how you can use bigsby vision and it will search all kinds of things if we go up into the settings It’s going to shop image text QR codes and then here it shows some other basic big speed information and big speech settings that you can use and then the tenth option we have down here is Magnify so magnify can take your screen and magnify it up to 300 times. You’re right now. It’s set at the 300 option So as soon as you touch the screen it kind of hides away. And if you are drawing it actually hides So if we go into samsung notes and let’s say we go back and edit this drawing When we’re using it draw on the screen, it will hide the magnify But we could magnify and see what we’re doing in further detail up here. I can select 300 go down to 150 Maybe it’s a little too magnified you can do it there. So this is great on apps that don’t support a Magnification and then here we can make it go bigger and smaller So there’s the small size and then here is the bigger size and we would select close right there So in the air command option we can actually adjust All of these so I can hold this down and move it to a different position So I’m just not touching the screen right now, but then once I touch the screen I can actually drag these up and down and then if you want to change what is here? I can actually long press one of these and I could remove it and then here you have an option to add a different Shortcut so you can add a total of ten shortcuts and you can add any application that you have on your phone so up here at the top are all the S Pen features that I just went over and then down here is all the applications that I have stored on my phone So if I wanted to add maybe Facebook every time I open up air command, I want to go into Facebook there It will add I could quickly remove these over here on the side just by pressing the minus button So that is all the features in Air Command So the next feature is air view so air view allows you to see information when you hover over the screen So like if I’m in my notification panel right here I can hover over this video and it will tell me the full title of that YouTube video up here The same thing hover over my youtube videos tells me the full title down here I can see all that information without having to touch or pull down I can see it all at once with the S Pen now, there are certain applications that support more information So if I go into my email app here? I hover over an email and it will actually show me more about the email here I can do a few things. I can move snooze unread Reply or delete the email without even going into the email. So we’ll do that all up and down Now that has to be the stock email application if I’m in the my files Application and there’s a file that I see I can hover over and it will pop it up full screen again on the pictures I have a share option and a delete option over here on the internet we have similar things so If I want to hover over Actually, this is where I can show you how you can scroll up and down So if I scroll down right here? I just hover over and it’s going to scroll down if I go up to the top I can scroll and it’s going to go up and then you’ll notice that my icon changes so right there it actually changes to a pointer finger and Then you still have just the basic hair View button down there at the bottom now if we go into the calendar and I’m in the Month view I can actually hover over a certain day and it will show me more information About that day. So without having to open and close every single day. I can see all of that information Now next here we have the gallery. So within the gallery We can actually go in and hover over an object and we can see more information here Let’s say I want to edit that I could do it right up here. I could share it or I could delete it So it will show me those icons for all of those and it just makes the picture a little bit bigger so you can see Exactly what picture you are looking at at the time you can also use air view within the gallery on videos So here I have a video when I open it up and then I select play I then get the option to drag over the timeline and it will pop up this little thing on the screen so that I can quickly see the Thumbnail and find the right part of the video that I want to go to also when you are in a text message Application and you have a link here I can hover over tech with Brett comm and then it will pop up a little bit of information about tech with Brett calm there you go finding tech solutions for you and There I can hover over a picture. It will do the same thing. I get the option to save that picture So one other place that I really like to use air view is within a web browser So here if I’m in Google Chrome many of the web browsers will work if you are using the mobile website But sometimes you do need to use a full web page So here if I go into the shop category, you have all these different categories Well now if I just hover over It’s actually going to show me those different categories and I can quickly scroll through I could use my finger to touch on them But this just makes it super quick and easy to go through that I’ve actually had a few websites where it will not pop out Unless I’m using the S Pen and then I can go over and choose the item But sometimes those menus have just been hidden and it’s been completely impossible to use So that’s why the S Pen is so handy in this situation also certain websites. I’ve seen where I cannot actually see information Because when I tap with my finger, it doesn’t work as well. So here if I’m in my YouTube analytics on the full website I can hover over and it will give me more information just like that So then I can see that my likes have been over the last little while so this video is helpful Make sure you give it a like but yea it’s quickly and easy to see all of that information with the s-pen So next let’s move on to a feature called direct pen input. So let’s head into the message application So right here, I have a text field anytime. I hover over a text field you will see this little T icon So if I tap that T icon, it’s going to pull up my text box So right now I actually have a setting set that when I have the S Pen out it will Automatically turn on the text setting so let me show you now I go into the text message app. I pull up the keyboard It’s going to do this But now if I hover over and press the T It’s going to change it to direct pen input and then I can write my message down with my handwriting and so I don’t actually have to use the keyboard or anything and Then I can quickly erase So if you are having trouble writing things down with your handwriting you can use this help guide down here to learn how to add And delete text but deleting is pretty simple. You just drag over it or if you have something written you can just scribble it out and it will erase that as Well, so then that will work anywhere that there is a text box So again back in Chrome if I hover over there you see the T I type the T and then I could erase this and write in a new message, but that will work Anywhere, you can see a text box and on the Samsung keyboard You do have the option right here where you can quickly tap the handwriting option to go into the handwriting mode now if you’re using another keyboard like the G board app This is one that I use you can actually download a handwriting mode it shows up as another language and here I can do that as well and I could quickly write and delete items right here and We can write a message and it will quickly translate it So you do have other options other than the Samsung keyboard now next. I want to talk about s-pen gestures So I’ve already shown you one where you hold down the button and tap the screen twice and it pulls up the notes But now I want to show you if you hold down the s-pen what can happen So let’s say I’m on a website or I’m in a text message where I have some information copy all I need to do is hold down the s-pen and you’ll actually see the pen change from a little pointer to a text selector so I can hold down and then I can drag over that text and I can select it all and then you can copy select AllShare dictionary and more So that’s really easy to do with the s-pen and again any text on-screen I can just hold down and select Just like that copy share. You have all those options So I’ve had a few questions on whether direct pen input works in certain applications So here if we are in a text field we type in the box you would just need to select the handwriting mode and there you can actually change the Text that’s in there and write it out with your hand, but the little icon does not pop up on the screen Let’s also go into Word and try that out. So here we select input there It would just pop this up and you could write down your entire novel right there within word on your phone with your S Pen Now the next place you can use the dragon hold is in the gallery So I really think of this more like a mouse So here you have the air view, but then if you hold down the button and drag on the screen you can actually select multiple items at once if I wanted to deselect these I hold down and drag Over and then if I wanted to move these all into another folder I could actually hold down and it’ll pull up this option on The side and I could drag them into any of the folders over there on the side So that is how you can quickly use the copy and paste as well as select feature with the s-pen previously on note devices There was also an option to quickly write on a PDF but that is no longer available on the note 9 So I do suggest downloading the Adobe Acrobat Application where you can open up a PDF and then you would just need to select the comments down here So here you could use the highlight option or you can actually use the freehand drawing and you could change the color there So if you wanted to mark up something you could do all that and then there’s another option where you can do Adobe fill and sign where you could use your handwriting to create your signature So then lastly there are a few settings in the settings of the S Pen. So again setting advant features Spen that I do want to talk about so we’ve talked about all of these if you don’t want the pointer icon to show up You can turn that off just by turning that off right there here you can quickly change your air command shortcuts in the Menu there here you can turn off the floating icon so you can still have air command pop up but when it closes it doesn’t have that floating icon on your screen and then here you can change what happens when you remove your S-pen so if you want it to do nothing you could do that Or if you want to create a note you can do that or air command you have that option so next we have the s-pen alarm which this will alert you if you leave your S Pen behind so this is all about Motion and not distance. So some people think if I move 30 feet away or something. It’s gonna alert me It’s actually about movement of your phone So right here, it will say the last detached is at 9:18 at 12 a.m But if I lock the screen I can then move the phone. So it takes about 15 steps And there I have a notification that and When you walk away about the 15th step, it will actually give you a notification that you left your s-pen So there it popped up It says remember to attach your s-pen when you have finished using it and again You could go into the settings and you could see exactly the time that you left your s-pen One time actually lost my s-pen. It was a black one. I couldn’t find it I kind of looked at the time and I was like, oh I think I left it here and is actually able to find my s-pen then down here. You have the power saving options So the only reason that you would want to turn off this power saving option is if you wanted to use another S Pen so when power saving is off I can have my S Pen inserted into the note 9 and Then I can actually use a different S Pen So here is the sted ler digital and I could interact with the screen with this one so this one doesn’t have a button but it’s just a more like number 2 pencil like S Pen so I could interact and draw on the screen with this But then if I turn on that option because my S Pen is inserted I no longer can interact with screen. I would need to turn off that again and I can do that So I have a few different s pens here. This is the stead. Ler Norris digital one This is a s pen that works with the Galaxy Tab s 3 it has the button it has all these same features and just so you guys are aware these s pens are interchangeable And they don’t have to be repaired so over here I can actually draw on my Galaxy Tab s 3 and then I can come Over here. The only thing that’s different on the note 9 is that Bluetooth functionality? You can’t hold down the button on here and open anything because it doesn’t have that built-in But I can even take some of these old s pens. This is actually a note 5 S Pen I can interact with the screen Here. I have a Galaxy Note 3 S Pen still works with the screen again if you didn’t have the power saving mode off You would just need to remove this S Pen for the other s pens to work So it doesn’t work right now I take out the S Pen and then I have the option for it to work and then the last few options here is sound when you insert or remove the S Pen you can turn that on and off as well as a Vibration and then here you can learn more about the S Pen but if you watch this video and follow it along You know every single thing there is to know about the S Pen one other new addition is within the pen up application so if you go into the pen up create your account when you create a drawing you actually have the option to Go in and choose a picture so down here. I can choose a background image. So I’m going to select from my gallery I’m just choose my gallery here. And then I’m going to choose let’s say I want to draw some Ironman I can actually change the opacity of the image. So let’s say I just want him on there a little bit I select save and now I could trace over where he is at so then I could get the outline of my Drawing and then when I’m done, I can actually hide that to make sure that I have it accurate I can quickly hide and unhide and then if I’m completely done and I want to delete the background image I would just select the option over here to delete the background image So now I have only my image I don’t consider this copying as it still takes quite a bit of skill to be able to Draw something even if you outline it there now throughout the video I have gone into the S Pen settings through Air Command or through the settings of the phone But one other place that you can get to the settings is to pull down the notification bar Pull it down a second time scroll over and here you have S Pen remote so I can quickly turn off the s-pen remote just by tapping right there and then If I select the words that will open up into this other menu And I can select details and then this takes me right back into the S Pen remote settings the last thing I do want to cover is Inside the Box you receive this little tool So if something happens to the tip of the S Pen you can actually take this tool to pull that out So inside the box you do have these other two S Pen tips So on is a hard and a soft one previously They would give a lot more. But if you do have this maybe your kid or something breaks it off You can quickly add more and those are inside the box of the note 9 and there you go friends that is everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 9 and the S Pen if you have any further questions about Any of the features in today’s video? Let me know in the comments below and I could make another video all about a specific topic and if this is your first time here I would love to have you subscribe so that you can be notified of my new and upcoming Videos if you would like to see other tutorials all about the note 9 make sure you select the playlist over there on the side Thank you guys so much for watching. We’ll see you on the next one

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