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Escape Room Challenge – Searching for XOXO Exclusive Glitter Friends!

– [Woman] Tic tac toy. – [Narrator] This is an
advertisement for Tic Tac Toy’s XOXO Exclusive Glitter Friends. – Wow that birthday party with
the face painting was so much fun, but now we really got to get moving. We have to make it to the toy maker studio and then Walmart before they close. I really hope Maya’s getting ready. – Okay, just about time to go. (upbeat music) Oh, no, how’d my door get locked? – What’s going on? (tablet buzzing) Oh no, please don’t tell me
the toy master’s behind this. He’s still in toy jail, right? (tablet ringing) – Oh boy, I hope the toy
master’s not playing games with me today. Not today of all days. – Good morning Addy and Maya. – Oh, no. – I understand today’s a big day for you. Your XOXO Exclusive Glitter
Friends are hitting the shelves of Walmart, aren’t they? – Well, if we could
get them there on time. – Yes, that’s true. You know, I don’t want to
make that too easy for you. – Great, what do you mean toy master? – You’ll find the XOXO Walmart
Exclusive Glitter Friends are waiting for you on
your kitchen counter, but the packaging is empty. – There’s supposed to be
twelve glitter friends, twelve swappable wings,
and a glitter bracelet. – Oh, I’ve hidden those inside your rooms. There are six Glitter
Friends and swappable wings in Addy’s room, and six Glitter Friends and
swappable wings in Maya’s room. – Okay, even if we find ’em, how can we get them there
and into the Walmart stores? Our doors are locked. – Excellent question. You’re about to play my escape room game. You will each follow a sequence
of clues that will lead you to your XOXO Glitter Friends, and ultimately the escape room button. Once you press those buttons, the doors will unlock. – But we have to get the
packaging on the shelves of Walmart today. – Then I suggest you work quickly. Addy, you’ll find your first
clue in your sketch pad. Maya, you’ll find your first
clue in your coin safe. Good luck. – Oh, boy, I better get moving. – This is going to be fun. – Indeed it will. Helping you escape from toy
jail may have been my best decision yet. – Yes. Separately, we wreak
havoc on the toy world. Together, we create destruction. – Precisely. This is going to be a
beautiful partnership. – He must have changed it. What’s this? October, February, May. These are months of the year. What is this supposed to
mean, and how’s it supposed to help me open my safe? – Okay, the toy master said
I should find my first clue in my sketch pad. Okay, so here’s my elephant. Blank page. Blank page. Blank page. I don’t see anything
unusual in my sketches. Ah ha, I definitely didn’t draw this. It looks like a shoe print, and the shoe looks about my size. Let me see something. It’s the right size,
but not the right print. Hmm, what could this mean? What is the toy master trying to tell me? – October, February, May. I need three numbers to unlock my safe, but the toy master gave me three months. Think. Think. Think. Wait a minute, when I
write the date at school I use a number to make the month. Maybe I need to figure out
what the numbers are used for October, February, and May. Oh, I know what should help. This is just what I need. Okay, I’ll start with October. I need to figure out which
month a number is October. Okay, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. It’s October. October is the tenth month. All right, ten is October. Now, I’ll move on to February. One. Two. February is the second month, which means I’ll write two. Now, I just need to move on to May. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. May is the fifth month. Number five. If I did that right, then
ten, two, five should be the combination to my safe. Here goes nothing. Ten. Two. Five. Please work. It worked. Here are my first two
Glitter XOXO Friends. It’s me Maya and Silver the Frenchie. And I see their swappable wings. I am gonna put this one on Maya. There you go. Now, let’s get your wings on Silver. There we go. You two look cute and oh so sparkly. There’s something else in here. This must be my next clue. These look like Scrabble tiles. There’s a Z, an A, M, and an E. I’m guessing I have to
unscramble these to make a word. Z. A. M. E. Zame, that’s not a word. Z. No, that’s not anything either. Hmm, what could this be? – If this shoe print looks like my size, it totally could be from one of my shoes. Let me try my boots. Hmm, about the right size. Let’s check out the print. Nope. Definitely not a match. Maybe my high tops. How do they compare? The tread definitely doesn’t match. Hmm, nope. Hmm, maybe my Heelys. Nope, the wheel would have
blocked the print too. Maybe my hiking shoes. The right size, and it totally matches. It’s absolutely identical. But what does all this mean? Is there something inside the shoe? Yes, there is. Oh, my goodness. There’s two Glitter XOXO Friends inside. It’s Addy X and Blair, but
where are their swappable wings? I think I feel them. Here they are. They’re so glittery and pretty. I’m gonna put them on. Addy’ll get the purple one, and Blair will get the green one. There you go. Hmm, is there anything else in here? I feel a piece of paper. This must be a clue to
help me find the next XOXO Friends. What travels around the world,
but stays in the corner? Oh, boy, I have absolutely no idea. – M, E, Z, A. Meza, no. M, A, Z, E. Maze, that has to be it. But what does that mean? Maze. Maze. Oh, I have a big book of mazes somewhere. I always do while I’m on the airplane. Here it is, and there’s more XOXO Friends. It’s Pop and Ginger, and they got some cool wings. I’ll put this black one on you Pop, and Ginger will get the purple one. There we go. Now, I have four Glitter Friends. One, two, three, four. That means there’s only two left to find, but first I have to
figure out my next clue, and I think it’s in here. There must be something important inside. Oh, what’s this? Numbers of Rainbocorns plus
numbers of Cry Babies minus XOXO Hugs. Oh, boy, looks like I
need to do some math. Well, I have a collection
of Rainbocorns, Cry Babies, and XOXO Hugs. So, I think I should figure
out how much of each I have. Then I’ll do the math. First, I’ll count my Rainbocorns. One, two, three, four, five. Now, time to count the Cry Babies. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,
sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Woo, that’s a lot of Cry Babies. Now, on to the Hugs. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six. Oh, I can’t forget the light up Hugs. Star and Stella make seven and eight. Now that counting’s done,
it’s time to do the math. Okay, five plus eighteen
equals twenty-three. Now, I have to subtract the eight Hugs. Twenty-three minus eight equals fifteen. So, the number’s fifteen, but what do I do with that number? – What travels around the
world, but stays in the corner? Well, people travel around the world, but they don’t stay in a corner. And planes, they travel around the world, but they don’t stay in a corner. What else travels around the world? Hey, mail travels around the world, like this letter to my pen pal in England. But mail doesn’t stay in a corner either, but wait, a stamp does. Stamps travel all around
the world, but they always stay in a corner of the envelope. I bet my next clue is
with my stamp collection. Here it is. Yes, here are the next
two XOXO Glitter Friends. It’s Pearly and Lolly. Let’s get your glitter wings on you. Pearly will get the black ones, and Lolly will get the white ones. You two look super cute,
but now I got to find out how to find your other friends. There’s got to be a clue
in these stamps somewhere. Wait a minute, some of
them have stars on them. I definitely did not put
these stickers on them. This stamp is from Ghana. Must be important for some reason, and this one’s from Uruguay. Hmm, interesting. And the third one with
the star is from Romania. What could this mean? Ghana, Uruguay, Romania. Oh, this one’s stumping me. – So the numbers of
Rainbocorns plus the numbers of Cry Babies minus XOXO Hugs equals fifteen. I guess I could see what’s on
page fifteen in my maze book. Page fifteen. Page fifteen. Whoa, what’s this? This has to be it. I know I didn’t write
these letters in the maze, and I don’t think the book
came like this either. I suppose I’ll just start
by solving the maze. Okay, okay. Concentrate. Concentrate. There, I solved it. Now, I passed through quite
a few letters on the way, so I think I should write those down. W. H. I. T. E. This is R. A. B – B. I – T. Oh, wow that all spells white rabbit. That sounds so familiar. Isn’t there a white rabbit
in a movie or a book or something? Oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue. – Romania, Uruguay, Ghana, what do these countries have in common? Maybe, it would help if
I found them on my globe? Okay, here’s Romania, and it’s in Europe. And Uruguay, it’s here in South America. Okay, and I’m pretty
sure Ghana is in Africa, oh, here it is. Well, that didn’t help. They’re all in different continents. What am I missing? Romania, Uruguay, and Ghana. So, the first letter in Romania is R. The first letter in Uruguay is U, and the first letter in Ghana is G. R – U – G, that spells rug. Could that be it? I bet my next clue is under my rug. What? There’s nothing there,
oh I have another rug. I found them. It’s Pepper and Glitter. And they are so, so glittery. Let’s get your wings. I’ll put the green wings on Pepper, and the white wings on Glitter. Now, I’ve found all six
of my Glitter XOXO Friends and wings. Which means this should be
the clue that leads me to the escape button. Whoa. I know exactly what these are. – Oh, I better figure this out quickly, so I can get to Walmart before they close. White rabbit, what does it mean? The white rabbit’s from
Alice in Wonderland. And Alice in Wonderland
is a book and a movie. I don’t have any movies in my room, but I have ton of books in my closet. Here it is. I’ve never seen this before,
but I guess I’ll just open it up to see the next clue. Whoa, it’s not even a book. It’s a secret compartment. Let’s open it up. Two, one. My last Glitter XOXO Friends. It’s Swirly and Sutton. Let’s get your wings on, and then we can figure out
how to get out of here. Here’s your wings. Swirly will get the black one, and Sutton’ll get the green one. There we go. They’re both wearing their wings. And this must be my final clue
that leads to escape button. We better open this up. It’s a map of my room. My bed. My dresser. My stuffed animals. It even had my rugs and my mirror on it. Well, what am I supposed to do with this? – This is sign language. I knew the entire alphabet
when I was in preschool, but I don’t really know all the letters, but luckily I have something
to help me decode this. I better move quickly
before Walmart closes. Okay, this first one is a P. Oh, and I remember that next one is an A. And there’s two more As. Now what is this one? Got it. It’s a J. J. One letter left. That’s an, oh, M. All right. P – A – J – A – M – A. Pajama. I have a pajama drawer. It’s the glitter bracelet
and the escape button. I better get out of here,
and get these Glitter Friends to Walmart. (gong) I hope Maya’s running quickly too. Don’t forget about these. And the last two. – Okay, got to figure this out. Okay, here’s my bed on the map, and there it is in real life. Here’s my dresser. And over there’s the real thing. And my doll bed which is over here. There’s my two windows, which are right here. Wait a minute, I have this giant chair in my room, and it seems to be missing
on my map for some reason. That’s really odd. It must be missing from
my map for a reason. Could the escape button
be behind my chair? Only one way to find out. It’s here. I can’t believe I found it, but I’m getting out of here. (gong) Oh, I can’t forget my XOXO Friends. I’m out of here. – Okay, Glitter goes here,
and Pepper is right here. Now where’s Maya? – I’m here Addy, I’m here. – Oh, thank goodness, I was so worried. – Help me get these in the packaging, and we got to get to Walmart. – Yeah, they’re gonna close soon. People are counting on these
to be on the shelves today. – Here Maya goes in the corner, and don’t forget the glitter bracelet. – And can you believe the
toy master’s out of jail? – No, how did that happen? – I have no idea, but we’ll
have to worry about that later. – You’re right, let’s go quickly. – We’re out of here. (upbeat music) Time to put this on the shelf, Maya. – There we did it Addy. – Our new XOXO Exclusive
Glitter Friends are now available only at Walmart. – And we outsmarted the toy master. – [Narrator] This is an
advertisement for Tic Tac Toy’s XOXO Exclusive Glitter Friends. (upbeat music)

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