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English Language School Super Intensive Courses in The Hague Den Haag Netherlands

Why should you study at ABC English? ABC English is located right in the heart
of the city centre. When you are at ABC you become a serious learner. It’s very important to practise your English
once you study it, I mean and the fact that you can go around the streets here and talk
to people, and talk to them in English, I think that’s perfect, perfect practise I think. Why should you take the Super Intensive Course? I am taking the intensive course because I
want to improve my English fast and want to take part in complicated conversations with
native speakers. Well my English is ok, but I wanted something
to boost it really quickly. The most important thing for me is that, to
be around different kind of people, to be in a different kind of area, and to learn
and improve my English. The course is specially structured and very
flexible. Be prepared to get very tongue-tied. I enjoy the tests of course, it’s very direct,
they examine your weakness and therefore they help you to strengthen them. I’m very busy, and I think doing
it in one block of course is very good for me it’s comfortable. And even though it seems
like a seven hour day is a lot, time flies it’s a lot of fun and the teachers are great,
so you just do it one week you finish it and I think it’s perfect for me. The teachers have a lot of experience and
they can identify our weaknesses so they can help us to improve our English fast. Get ready to work on your weaknesses. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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  • Check out ABC's English Super Intensive course video.
    We are growing our business and we rely on word-of-mouth. So spread the word and share the link please ~ courses starting this summer so join now.

  • I took English intensive course, it helped me a lot . Strongly recommended for those who want to learn the english language correctly !

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