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Emotion Words in ASL – Part 2

Guilty. Make the letter G. If you’re right handed, make it with your right hand, if you’re left handed make it with your left hand. Go across your body and rest on your heart. (If you’re left handed it won’t be your heart, but close enough.) Guilty. Paranoid (or suspicious) Suspicious along the lines of paranoid “I’m feeling very suspicious of everyone.” “I have a suspicion” is a different sign. You’re going to make two Ps, put your middle fingers at the corners of your eyes, (you’re looking back and forth – paranoid) alternate twisting back and forth. You sometimes see it one-handed as well. Doubt, doubtful, or suspicious (I’m not sure that’s right – suspicious) Two fingers, turn in, scrunch your fingers in front of your face. Doubt. Jealous. We’re going to do two signs. One is a J at the corner of your mouth. Pinky finger, turns out and away. Jealous. An abrupt, sharp movement. The other sign is envious chewing your fingernails you’re so jealous… “Grr, I really want that.” Envious. Jealous. Mischievous (not to be confused with devil)- 3 fingers between the temple and eyebrow. Do the “doubt” movement again. Mischievous. Devil is both hands. One hand – mischievous. 2 hands – Devil or evil. Crazy. Not this. That’s not sign language. Crazy is four fingers and stir your brain. Crazy. It’s a horizontal movement, not moving in a circle. Mad (American version of “mad” – this sign means angry, not crazy.) Hand forms a claw in front of face – abruptly. Mad. Grouchy starts in front of face and moves in and out. Angry (as in furious). This is mad, this is grouchy. This is furious anger. Claw hands start in front of chest and rip upward. Like the Incredible Hulk ripping his shirt off. Furious. Simmering anger. The non-dominant hand on top, the dominant hand beneath is the flames, simmering underneath. Furious, stewing anger. You can “blow your top.” Here’s your bottom, here’s your top, dominant hand on top, you blow your top. You lose your temper, lose it completely, that’s anger as well. Surprise. Your eyes get very big. Here are your little eyes that are closed, then they pop open. Surprised! Shock. Is like brain freeze. Point to your brain then hands drop down similar to freeze. Shocked. Like stunned, can’t believe it. Shocked. Or you can say shock, “my jaw was on the floor.” Here’s your jaw and it drops. Can’t believe it. Jaw drops. Nervous. Can be trembling fingers or legs (fingers are your two legs) trembling. Nervous. These are your two legs. Scared. Start with fists out from body then throw your hands inward. Jazz hands! Scared. Scared. Freaked out. You start with your brain then – here’s your non-dominant hand is your platform – your hand bends like this… Same as for “tired.” Freaked out. Almost done, two left. Shy. Shy. Not to be confused with prostitute… Don’t go all the way out, just a small movement. Shy. Embarrassed. (Probably result if you accidentally said prostitute instead of shy…) Embarrassed. Open hands, face your body, alternating rising up, it’s the red coming up on your face. You can also more colloquially say “red faced.” So red and then make a circle with your fingers to show your face. Red face. Embarrassed. Okay that’s all I can think of for tonight. Sorry that was a bit of a rough evening but hopefully the next one will go a little more smoothly. Talk to you all later. Ta.

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