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Effective Communication – You have to learn how to talk to each other.

[music] If you want your relationship to work you have to learn how to effectively communicate. Too many of you are lashing out, are expressing yourselves in ways that the other person feels attacked, isn’t able to receive your message, or you’re just not even saying anything at all. Because you feel like they’re not going to listen, they’re going to shut you down, they’re going to ignore you. Whatever the case may be, but one way or another, you are not effectively expressing yourself, and letting them know what you’re thinking, how you feel what you need. Is causing big problems in your relationship. If you say you can’t talk to this person, then why are you with them? Why are you if an individual that you can’t express yourself to openly? That’s a huge red flag. Either learn how to effectively communicate, which you need to learn regardless, or leave that relationship. Because that’s not the one for you but one way or another, embrace communication if you want to see success in your relationship.

35 Replies to “Effective Communication – You have to learn how to talk to each other.”

  • Yes, this is so true!!! I might express myself too much at times but I am improving on how I communicate with others ♥️

  • U're Absolutely Right, I'm Single And I Believe That's Why I'm Single, Most Don't Like Communication, Most Guys Want To Go Straight Into The Sex Part And No Understanding.

  • Yes effective communication is a must….shutting down or lashing out is not the way to handle things…unfortunately these are the reasons I’m single now…some of our men need to learn how to listen and talk to us…staying prayerful 🙌🏾💯

  • A message every American should hear. It's counterproductive to judge or ridicule those who see things differently. We can discuss issues and find common ground, make great progress if more people will be conscious of this

  • I think many get effective communication confused with telling a person how they feel. You told the person how you feel but was the message delivered? How did you "tell" them? Communication is not effective unless both parties are actively listening and open to receive the message. Great video.

  • That's good advice and get to know if you can't communicate with someone it is a red flag.
    I have a question about your webinars are they available at any time or only at the specific time listed?

  • Effective communication is one of the main keys to sustain in any relationship. I always tell my partner that if we can't communicate effectively than the relationship won't work. Communication is a must!

  • This is one of the greatest gifts you could have given to the 🌎 world by making this video. I speak this all the time…Anything and I mean anything can be changed.. fixed.. done.. resolved completed.. manifested…overcome… deleted etc. If we just communicate and EFFECTIVELY!!!

  • I say this all the time, just because you're a great communicator does not mean you're EFFECTIVE. MOST DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!! Good Stuff!!💓

  • Actually going through this right now,we try to talk and end up arguing.and as of lately I’m just falling back we are both two stubborn

  • I’ve learned people who seek knowledge about communication, not just for personal relationships, but to enhance their job skills or public speaking abilities and so on, have a greater insight on what it takes to become a better communicator. A little bit of learning never hurt anyone. 🙂

  • When Stephan Speaks, you listen. All jokes aside… lol. I'm learning not to hold things in… it's hard when I'm in my head alot. It's deffinitely a process for me… a life long lesson. Though I believe as women we have to learn to balance our emotions and feelings without going over the top.

  • I totally agree along with active listening. You have to listen on purpose and not to just respond but hear what the other person is saying.

  • God is always on time… I am listening. Thank you for allowing him to use you in a way to touch others, including myself.

  • When we can learn to communicate better, we can improve all of our relationships. If you would like any assistance you can visit me at

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