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Effective Communication – Introduction to Communication Skills – Communication Skills

Click the bell icon to get latest videos from ekeeda. Hello friends my name is Karishma Ghuge and I have a diploma holder with a certified soft skills trainer I have done my train the trainer diploma and that’s out here to train you on all soft skills today today is a very interesting subject it’s called communication skills we all know about communication skills is not really new but what we don’t know is what’s the difference between talking and communicating so today we are going to learn a lot of topics on communication skills they were interesting because until now we’ve always been talking and laughing all the time but today we are really going to get introduced to what is difference between talking and between communication so there are our topics I would just main are running through these topics majorly of course the definition of communication what is communication really and then what are the concepts one of the elements of communication skills we also will talk about the major objectives and importance of communication skills also

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