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ECTlistener is new communication software for paralysis sufferers

Open the ECTlistener application folder and launch the executable file ECTlistener.exe Activate the analysis process by pressing F2
or via Menu>Start Blow into the microphone to check the generated signal level for this computer The signal level seems to be in the range of 25-40% Now open the Settings window by pressing F3
or via Menu>Settings>Show Settings Form For the 5th parameter set the previously established signal level value (25%) Apply new values
via Menu>Settings>Set Current Open the ECTkeyboard application folder and launch the executable file ECTkeyboard.exe Activate the analysis process in ECTlistener once more By using the virtual keys of the ECTkeyboard program, try typing “WWW.EYECOMTEC.COM” By blowing into the microphone, we create a sound signal of a certain level When the sound signal in ECTlistener reaches the minimum level, whose value we have set through Settings, ECTlistener generates the keyboard event to the ECTkeyboard In this way, ECTkeyboard presses the needed virtual key ECTlistener analyzes the level of any kind of sound, which allows the user to communicate in any way he/she can: by breathing-in or out loudly, blowing, sniffling, moaning or humming By using the virtual ECTkeyboard, the user can compose text of any difficulty All that’s needed is to set up ECTlistener and ECTkeyboard correctly once You can get this and other programs from our website EyeComTec – we create solutions for people with complex communication needs With best wishes,
The team of EyeComTec (LAZgroup SA)

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