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Duct Taped Banana Sold for Rs 1cr

Paintings, Sculptures and various art pieces are created because of an artists creativity and skill. These inspire the people from all over the world who buy it. They are sold for large amounts of money and people are willing to pay. The Art Basel, art show was held in Miami, USA. Maurizio Cattelan is a italian artist and he is very creative. He went market to buy vegetables and fruits where he saw a beautiful banana. He bought the banana and then taped it to the wall at the exhibition. He showed to the people and said this was his art work which he created. This display has sold two copies. It was very expensive. There were 2 people from France. Out of these one of them bought the painting for Rs 85 lakh and the another person bought the painting for Rs 1.70 crore. The artist wanted to share his creativity with the public. He said that when people see the banana taped on the wall they may eat it or steal it. Maurizio said he is not at all worried. People can steal the banana, but he will use his creativity and replace it. If they try to replicate it, no one will buy it. This was because it was Cattelan’s idea. Earlier he has made a gold toilet in UK which was sold at very high price.

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