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How To Learn Sign Language

Dual Language Credential Programs at SDSU

♫ Music ♫ what I love about my job is that I get
to come into work every single day and work
with these amazing students they always come running up to me they’re
saying hi good morning to me and they really inspire me to do my best
and hopefully I do the same to them whether it’s
teaching them about reading writing learning about planets
whatever I’m teaching I’m hoping to be as much as an
inspiration as they are to me my name is Cristina Alfaro I am chair of
the Department of Dual Language and English Learner education it is a
pleasure for me to introduce you to a very very exciting program if you are thinking of becoming a dual
language teacher I’ve got really good news for you there are jobs there is a great demand
for dual language teachers this is my first semester and being able to walk into an interview
with the confidence and all the background knowledge that I
have acquired through this program gave me incredible
results because I was offered a job in the last 4 to 5 years we’ve gone from
less than 20 programs to over 60 programs so the demand is extensive parents in communities are realizing
that they want their children not only educated
in the three r’s and in digital literacy but also biculturalism and biliteracy
– right now the job market is very good for bilingual teachers most of our
graduates from may 2013 have employment if they
wanted employment and I get emails almost every week from
people in the community here in San Diego from principals or school leaders
were looking for to fill positions
– the program that San Diego State offers they know they need they need to venture
into a school that celebrates the acquisition of two languages I’ve had a very wonderful
student teaching experience because of the students I’ve been
fortunate enough to work with I’ve been able to incorporate
everything I’m learning in the department in all my classes
they’ve suddenly tied together about midway through the semester
they started tying together and really supported me in how I was going to teach these classes
– San Diego State University really supported me in teaching here at the school because
they really supported that collaboration with the teachers to create the best
atmosphere that would work with our kids we’re very collaborative and supportive
of our students and with we just really want our students to succeed anything that you need help with it
they will be able to offer that help and if they can’t they know
somebody that will help you in the department
– as an undergraduate at San Diego State I felt like I was anonymous and that the professors didn’t really know who I was unless I made effort to get
to know them but that’s completely the opposite in this Department
the teachers get to know you and they’re collaborating with you they’re
supporting you since it’s a smaller group the students, our cohort gets to know each
other very very well I still talk to a lot of teachers that I
went through the credential with a lot of them have jobs up
in San Francisco LA a lot of places and we still keep in contact and we talk about that
experience because that is what made us stronger and that is what made us who we are to this day and
that’s the credential really had an impact on what kinda of teachers that we are

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