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Doja Cat “Mooo!” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

This top was like a huge distraction for me. I would like go to hit the keys on the keyboard
and I’d have shit in my way. Like I literally can’t function with this. And I’m just like hitting the keys and I’m
like, “You know what?” “I’m just gonna make a song about cows.” I’ve had intention of making like meme
music that would maybe reach a wider audience that would make people go, “What the hell
is this?” “I should share this.” And I’ve totally thought that shit that
I’ve made would go viral but that wasn’t really the idea behind this. I was just like fucking around. I made this song and the video in one day. I was sweaty as fuck. It was gross. I was just in bed, wig off, makeup on. Just covered in grease and french fry dust
and oil. It wasn’t pleasant but the end result was
great. I think that it’s kind of a break for everybody. I feel like artists have been taking themselves
really seriously and the climate right now is kind of like uptight. Everyone’s pretty sensitive right now. I think people do need humor especially in
this time. If I’m making a song about cows, my name
is Doja Cat. I gotta acknowledge that. Before making the song, I thought about changing
my name for sure but there is no way in hell that I’ll ever be Doja Cow. Just like everybody wants to make some moves. I’m just making moves. You know, I don’t have to tell you what
the moves are but just know, I’m trying to make moves. If anyone makes a cow song, they have to say
got milk. I think I was forced to say that shit subconsciously. Ooh that was so good. When we came up with that one, I was like,
bitch cream? It’s dairy. Gotta add it in there. It’s dairy. That’s the only lyric I think I know of
Wu-Tang. Like ever. I’m like 22, mind you. It’s kind of political and shit. You know. I got a little political in it. Allegedly, cows are farting right now and
they are ruining the ozone. This is not helping and me eating this… Don’t do what I’m doing. It kind of goes two ways ‘cause you know,
McDonald’s has cheeseburgers and Old McDonald had a farm and it’s kind of hinting to the
verse that’s coming up. I don’t know what song, still don’t know
what song that’s from. I just know that I saw a vine the other day
and some like Indian girl was with her mom and she was like, “Suckaniggadickorsomething.” And her mom was like, “Suckaniggadickorsomething.” And then she was like, “Suck a nigga dick
or something.” And her mom was like, “Suck a what?” And I pulled it from there. I knew it was from a rap song. I just don’t remember which song
it was. The thing about the word, “tipping.” I was like oh, cow tipping. People cow tip. Like that’s a thing. Let’s do it. Everything fell into each pocket so well. People think it’s, “I ain’t a-moosed
bitch,” which sounds terrible to me. They think it was, “amused.” I mean, that’s good though. I’ll give them that. It’s good. But I don’t like it. Don’t change my shit. We were gonna be like, “My milkshake brings
all the boys to the yard and they’re like…” but we were like, bitch, yard rhymes with
farm low key. My milkshake brings all the boys to the farm
and I like got up, I swear to god, I danced… I like got up off my bed and sat back down. I was like, bitch, that is genius. I don’t hate vegans. I just don’t give a fuck that you’re vegan. Stop shoving it down my fucking throat. Great what you’re doing. Thank you for helping the cows and the stuff,
and the ants, and the fucking fruit flies and shit. That’s great. Do that. I’m really happy for you. Keep doing it. Because I like animals. But I also eat them. Um so, I’m kind of conflicted.

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