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Doing homework (kindergarten) in American Sign Language

Which words do they start with “H”? Do you know how to spell “horse”? Spell H O R S E Hmm, H I E H. Close, H O R S E. H O I A E N Want me to write down for you? What else? Do you know how to spell the hammer? H A M M E R What else? It starts with.., yeah, HEN.That’s right. HEN. What else that starts with H? Really? Sure? Do you know how to spell “house”? H.. No, I don’t know how to spell. What else? Do you know how to spell? Hat. Does it start with…? No, it starts with B. It’s not the one. Cross it out. What else that starts with H? Nothing. This one. It’s the meat — ham. Color it? More. I think that’s all. None of the others starts with H. Ah, wait a minute. Right, it’s heart. H E A R T, yeah. Homework forgotten. Ah, another word with H, homework. H O M E W O R K. Spell “heart”, H-E-A-R-T. What else with H? You know? Hmm. Hot. Ya, right. H-O-T. It’s misspelling. B-I-G? B-I-R, something? Hey, it’s hot. H-O-T. What? Spell it again. Hmm, fire. Nope, it starts with F. Hand! A hand, right. H-A-N-D. Again. Hmm……. ah, H! Letter H. Wait, I want to draw hair. Okay.

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