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How To Learn Sign Language

Dog Body Language – What your dog is desperately trying to tell you!

Dogs don’t use words to speak… they use their bodies they are talking ALL the time and they’d love you to listen 🙂 happy dogs smile (just like us) with open mouths and big cheesy grins their eyes are relaxed and soft or sometimes even squinty their ears are relaxed too soft and flappy well…most anyway! their bodies are loose and wiggly silly and goofy their tails are low and waggy Happy dogs are LOOSE Ideally your dog would be happy all the time… but they need you to understand when they are not tense dogs stiffen (just like us) their mouths are often closed their eyes are harder like they are concentrating or just staring their body and tail is stiff too scared dogs pull back (just like us) they pull their heads back they pull their ears back they furrow their brow they show the whites of their eyes they pull themselves away and hide they yawn when they aren’t tired they flick out their tongue and if no one listens… they might have to make themselves clearer now you know the difference you guess – happy or tense? tense – ears back, mouth closed, tongue flick happy 🙂 open mouth, soft eyes, loose body,
low tail try to keep your dog happy but when they need you… listen be a hero and help them we can show you how… the

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