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♫♫♫ Good morning! Ugh… …better, good morning! It is Wednesday and I was suppose to work today, but so far it’s been cancelled so I’m staying home with the babe. Woo hoo! Right now you can see, the doors… we’re installing the cabinet doors Started last night, but we started late so we didn’t finish them. We both had to wake up early so I can show you what we have. Still have all of these. We installed one door and drawers so far. So let’s see. We have this and that which is wrong. Something is wrong with that. Have to fix it… and… this. Yay!!! Today supposed to be working on… oh sorry neighbors dog. Anyways, today I’m supposed to be working on… putting all those cabinets in. cause we have a few others things obviously. But that is my goal today. Woo hoo! Sorry, right now I’m at the doctor’s. Ugh! Hey, so doctor is done. Everything is fine. He has a little bit of a diaper rash but no big deal. Anyways, just have about 1 hour before I have to drop him off at the babysitter. So guess I’m gonna go to the grocery store. Maybe get a snack or something and walk around. Do that. I don’t know what else to do for an hour. Jenna’s working and uh… and no break so guess that’s what we’re gonna do. Ugh! Ouch! He has a strong bite. So… like I said, we went to the doctor and he has a little bit of a diaper rash but it’s really small. But um… anyways after that I dropped him at the babysitter and he was really excited to see her. Then I went and did some work. After that, picked him up. He did really well of course. Then we went and saw Jenna who’s behind the camera. Then we picked up some food like this. Ahhh! So really good and nice because it’s a farmer’s market. So it’s local which is awesome! We ate some Chipotle. Yes Now we’re just kind of chilling out. Probably install some cabinets later. Woo hoo! That’s it. ♫♫♫ Someone is really getting some naked time. The doctor said that we should let him have some naked time to kind of air out that area because of the diaper rash. ♫♫♫ He started this way and now he’s turned all the way around. ♫♫♫ Anyways… as you can see baby’s being brought to go to sleep now. I’m just editing. Maybe put in some doors tonight. We shall see. I’m pretty tired. I’m still editing a video which should be out today but it’s 8:30, so ugh. I’m a little bit behind already. Ugh Anyways, see you guys tomorrow. Bye! ♫ ♫♫

2 Replies to “DOCTOR AGAIN?! ⎮ ASL Stew Life”

  • I’ve missed a few vlogs – but you seem SO HAPPY in this one; less anxious, etc. just wanted to say it’s so nice to see you feeling a bit better (hopefully)!

  • Ooh he's growing so fast! Such a difference in each post. Cabinets are going to look great I think.

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