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DJI Tutorials – Spark – Gesture Piloting

Hey guys, I’m Ty and you’re watching the DJI
Spark tutorial video series. In the past, controlling a DJI drone required either a remote
controller or a smartphone. With Spark’s new advanced gesture system, controllers and phones are no
longer a requirement to fly. In this video we’ll
show you how to launch, control and land Spark all
with the palm of your hand. Ready? Alright, let’s get
started with palm launch. To perform a palm launch
and use palm control you’ll first need to enable
advanced gesture control. You can enable this
option during activation but if you didn’t, don’t worry. Just go to visual navigation
settings in DJI GO 4 to turn it on. While a mobile device or a remote control isn’t required to fly, we do recommend connecting
one to the aircraft’s WiFi so you can take control
in case of an emergency. For added safety DJI also
recommends installing propeller guards when using these functions. Now, to get started,
power on the aircraft, then place Spark on your palm with its nose facing
toward you at eye level. When the rear LEDs start flashing yellow, tap the power button
twice to launch faceware. When the camera detects your face, the front LEDs will flash green
and the motors will start. When the front LEDs turn solid red, release Spark and the
aircraft will hover in place. After performing a palm launch, the aircraft will automatically
enter gesture mode, and from gesture mode palm control allows you to fly Spark simply
using hand and arm motions. To get started, stand a
few feet away from Spark, raise your arm and point your
open palm towards the camera keeping all your fingers fully extended and as close together as possible. Solid yellow front LEDs
indicate Spark starting to recognize your palm. If the front LEDs flash yellow, that means you’re either
too close or too far away from the aircraft. Go ahead and adjust your
position accordingly. When the front LEDs turn solid green, Spark’s ready for palm control. Now, slowly move your hand up, down, left, right, forward or backward and Spark will move right along with you. Once you’re comfortable with palm control, try some more advanced maneuvers. Wave your hand and Spark
will fly backwards and up, then start tracking you. To take a selfie, hold up both hands and make a frame with your fingers. The front LEDs will flash
red for three seconds, and Spark will snap a photo. When Spark is following
you and you wanna land, raise your arms up above your shoulders for two seconds, and Spark
will fly right back to you. You can perform the same gesture to have Spark follow you, if it isn’t already, provided that the aircraft
is still in the air. When you’re finished flying, put your hand below Spark with its nose facing toward you, and the aircraft will land
on your palm automatically. Well, that’s how to control
Spark just using your hands. In our next video we’ll take a look at Spark’s two main flight modes. We’ll see you next time
and thanks for watching.

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