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DJI Spark Gesture Control – Tutorial & Use Case Demo

Hi everyone!
In this video I want to show you DJI Spark Gesture Control including the new video recording
feature. First let me demonstrate the available commands and then I’ll show you a use case demo video in action. Let’s start with the takeoff, called palm launch.
After powering on DJI Spark wait for the back LEDs to flash yellow, tap the power button twice and the front LEDs will flash yellow slowly. The camera will detect your face and when the so called “Face Aware” is active the front LEDs turn green,
the propellers start spinning, and the front LEDs turn red.
Now you can release your spark and it will hover. To adjust the position place your palm 0.7
meters in front of spark with your fingers together. When you’re too close
or too far the LEDs are yellow, when spark detected you the lights are green.
Move your palm up and down left or right to control the position.
Spark will maintain the same distance if you move forward or backwards, Spark will follow.
To activate follow mode stand in front of DJI Spark and wave it goodbye. Spark will ascend, fly backwards and hover about 3m away and 2m above ground. The front LEDs are now solid green and you are tracked. I’ve got the best results when holding up your palm first similar, to adjust position to be detected. To take a selfie make a frame
with your hands while facing Spark. You should be within seven meters of range.
When the selfie gesture is recognized the front LEDs flash red slowly.
Countdown is set to 3 seconds, when the front LEDs blink red quickly, the camera
is about to take the selfie. The latest introduced gesture is video recording:
Raise one arm 45 degrees, the front LEDs will flash slowly as a timer, similar to
selfie mode, when video starts recording the front LEDs will turn off.
Do the same gesture again to stop video recording. To return the DJI Spark, called beckon,
raise both arms above your head and form a Y shape for two seconds
when tracking is active and the LED lights are green.
Spark will fly towards you and hover in place 1.5 m above the ground.
To palm land DJI Spark place your palm about 50cm below Spark, which will slowly descend and land. The propellers will stop automatically.
I think gesture control is a pretty cool feature if you want to record a video of your activities rather than flying the drone itself. It’s very
beneficial that you don’t have to hold a device in your hands while doing your
activities. So the following video was created just using DJI Spark Gesture Control: Here’s some info on the video shoot:
I connect DJI Spark to my phone all the time for security reasons
but during the ride I only use gestures. As said it’s convenient as you don’t
have to hold your phone all the time on the downside you can’t really frame
the shot, but follow me mode works fine. In my use case in general the gestures
are detected very well since the latest update. I’m only having troubles activating video recording, the latest introduced gesture So I hope there will be further improvement. If you have a tip for me how it works, best let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you do so, please
subscribe to my channel In my next video I want to take a closer look at the quickshot modes. Special Thanks to Gearbest for letting the test DJISpark and thank you for watching, and see you soon!

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