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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Review & Tutorial 4K 2020

here is the latest
Osmo Mobile 3 from DJI and if you compare it to their older version of the
Osmo Mobile 2 – you can see straight away that it is more compact and not only that
but this gimbal also folds down like this so it’s even more compact
then the Osmo Mobile 2 – and it’s also significantly lighter. The Osmo Mobile 2
weighed in at 485 grams where as the Osmo Mobile 3 is only 405 grams which is 16% lighter and you do really notice
that. Now I did do a video a few weeks back where I asked the question can you
fit the Osmo Mobile in your pockets. Well with Osmo Mobile 3 not only can
you fit in your pocket, it will fit comfortably right inside your pocket
so I can just show you that now here’s the Osmo Mobile 2. As you can see.. yes I
can put in my pocket but there’s quiet a lot of it still outside..and
the Osmo Mobile 3… I can actually put it comfortably inside my
jean pocket.. all the way in the pocket so there you go, so that’s a significant
improvement in terms of being able to transport your gimbal after you’ve attached and balanced your
smartphone press the power button down for about a second
to activate the gimbal now you can tap on the DJI memo app to
access all the features of the Osmo Mobile 3 by tapping on the power button twice we
can change the orientation of the smartphone the toggle button lets us rotate our
smartphone in any direction the zoom button on the left hand side is
really useful for zooming into an object so now let me show you the basic
operating modes of this gimbal in default mode the smartphone is free
to follow the direction of your movement but if you hold the trigger button down
this will lock the angle of your phone as you move the gimbal…then when we let
go it returns to default mode now let’s move the gimbal side to side and if we hold the trigger button down
again we can lock the angle of the phone again and then release the
trigger button to go back to default mode and if we now double click the
trigger button it resets the phone back to it’s default position if you want to take a photo with you
Osmo Mobile 3, just tap the shutter record button while the smartphone is in
photo mode. You can also use this button to start and stop video recording walking with iPhone 6s only walking with iPhone 6s and Osmo Mobile 3 running with iPhone 6s only running with iPhone
6s and Osmo Mobile 3 the Osmo Mobile 3’s Active-track
feature works very well and is very easy to use. Just tap on your smartphone
screen and draw a box around the object you want to track and film. As you can
see in this video I’m moving the gimbal quite fast and it still tracks the mug
very well gesture control is another excellent new
feature from the Osmo Mobile 3. Just show the V sign or the palm of your hand
to trigger the gimbal to take a photo or start a video recording story mode enables you to create fun videos from different shooting templates which
combines several short video shots with music to create a final edited video for you so to summarise, the Osmo Mobile 3 is an excellent budget device for making super smooth videos whether that’s your own film making or weekend activities or holiday vacations and I’m sure after using this just once you won’t want to
go back to holding your smartphone to create any future videos let me know what you think in the comment section below and if how many technical questions please then leave them below and I’ll try my best to answer them and
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reviews including my next review which will be on the Osmo Pocket camera with inbuilt
stabilizer which is a tiny camera…films in 4K and this will even fit in your
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9 Replies to “DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Review & Tutorial 4K 2020”

  • Thanks for the review. When using the "Story" program, do you have to have all your shots ready to submit to the program or do you have to take them as they are requested? Can you submit one, then later come back and submit more? Thanks.

  • how exactly do you charge it and know when it’s charging? and ive been using an Apple iPhone adapter cube with the Micro USB port that came with the product, but it’s been over an hour and it’s still at a low percentage of like 10 percent. i really need it for recording tomorrow!!! please help!!

  • I noticed you had FPV mode activated instead of the standard Follow mode. I know it can be set in Mimo app but can you actually toggle between Follow, Tilt lock, and FPV mode with the buttons on the gimbal?

  • I can’t get the tracking button to work when I hold it down while walking. The arm toes it’s own thing when I turn corners. It swings way off course. Is there a trick to the tracking button?

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