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Dirty Signs – Want to Go Over There and F*ck?

Hey everyone, Dirty Signs with Kristin.
My awesome phrase for you today is requested by my friend, Dave. So we’re going to learn the fantastic pick-up
line, ‘Want to go over there and fuck?’ Sometimes, people appreciate honesty. Alright, let’s get started. ‘Want’ we’ve already learned,
but you’re going to make two open flat palms horizontally, and then they’re gonna come into claws, so
[[WANT]] ‘Go’ is pretty simple, you’re just gonna kind of point over to a direction. ‘There,’ again you’re gonna use
your open palm up, and you’re gonna gesture towards a place, so
And then ‘fuck’ we’ve already learned before, but it’s totally helpful to learn it again. Um, you’re gonna make two bunny people
and they’re gonna go at it. Um, the whole time you’re asking this, you’re gonna kinda
make a question with your face, so someone knows it’s a question and not a statement. And we’re gonna put it all together, and say
[[WANT – GO – THERE – FUCK?]] Hmm? Yeah? Yeah! Alright… Have a great night, folks!

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