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Dirty Signs – I’m Drunk, Can I Go Home With You?

Hey everyone, Dirty Signs With Kristin. In honor of the fact that I went out to a bar tonight, we’re going to learn the phrase, “I’m drunk, can I go home with you?” So we’re gonna start off with “I.” “Drunk,” which is the A-hand comes around
and ends in front of your mouth. “I” “Go” “Home” “With” “You” And then afterwards, you’re gonna do this since you just asked a question. So, all together now, [I – DRUNK – I – GO – HOME – WITH – YOU] [WHAT] Hooray! [CLAPPING]
Have a great night!

15 Replies to “Dirty Signs – I’m Drunk, Can I Go Home With You?”

  • @chucknastylawl Hi there! While I understand that you may find some inaccuracies in my signing, I would also appreciate it if you explained what it is I'm doing incorrectly so I can actually fix it. It seems, however, with this comment and another you posted on a different video, that you're just here to hate. In this case, I'm going to block you and wish you happier times in the future. Have a great life!

  • @peacenature2004 I agree with you that her signs are incorrect. However, your written English is incorrect as well, so perhaps you just proved your own point?

  • @peacenature2004 – Sign language has regional dialects and the language differs between nations, so what you see and what you know locally will likely be different.

  • @ASLTerpCat That was my point. @thfemale obviously isn't a native ASL speaker, so I find it unnecessary for @peacenature2004 to be so harsh in his judgement of her, lest he open himself up to harsh judgement as well.

  • @bunnyrabbithat7 ASL's syntax is different from English, so you don't necessarily sign every word that you would say in an English sentence. My interpretation of the phrase in this video does not include the word "can," as you're asking permission, not talking about your abilities. Instead, I feel like the meaning of asking permission is shown in the raised eyebrows and the fact that it's a question. Hope I helped!

  • @thefemale I want to be able to say angringly – "YOU, CAN LICK MY NUTSACK FROM BEHIND" – that's just some fucked up repugnant shit. You make somebody do that for the lulz.

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