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Dirty Signs – I Want to Touch Your Penis

Hey everyone, Dirty Signs With Kristin! As per request, we’re gonna learn how to say, “I want to touch your penis.” So let’s get started. “I” “want” “touch” “your” “penis” This is actually the word for “cock,” so now you know. Alright, we’re gonna put it all together now. [I – WANT – TOUCH – YOUR – COCK] Yay! [CLAPPING]
Have a great night, folks!

35 Replies to “Dirty Signs – I Want to Touch Your Penis”

  • Side note: Capitalized I on the chest is not ASL, it's Signed Exact English. ASL "me" would just be you pointing at your chest.

  • @drivebyluna – I always understood there to be a difference in ASL between "I" and "me." "Me" is as you describe, with the hand pointing to the chest, but "I" is the hand making the letter "I" in front of the chest. Are these interchangeable, or could you explain further? Thanks for the input, I really appreciate your help and would love to learn more! 🙂

  • @taytaylor1994 Hi! Thanks for the criticism, but I would appreciate it if you also explained how my sign for cock is wrong. I learned this sign directly from a website called SigningSavvy. They also explain that there can be multiple signs for the same word and that some signs can represent several different words. Additionally, signs can vary by region. In any case, please let me know the correct sign for cock or penis, and I'll replace the video. Thanks for watching!

  • @xavier0307 Great question! Every single one of my videos (save the first one) was originally a request from someone, so this was suggested by my friend, Jason. I'm always taking requests too, so if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know! Thanks for watching! 😀

  • As a Deaf person, sign language instructor, & interpreter…I wish to comment on this gal & her videos. First, it is clear she is hearing & NOT a native ASL user – in fact, she learned sign language from a website of not-so-great quality. I highly doubt that this individual has spent any real time with Deaf people themselves. If she had, she would realize how inaccurate many of her signs are, & how culturally offensive it is for her to be making a joke out of our language for her own amusement.

  • I'd have to agree with oshginva25's comment. I too am deaf and a sign language instructor. The sign language dictionary website that you are using (SigningSavvy) doesn't have all accurate signs; in fact they were only about 60-70% accurate. thfemale, have you been taking any sign language courses and did you ever hang out (or socialize) with any deaf people who use sign language? If you haven't done either of them (especially with deaf people) then you have no business making these videos.

  • @MrASLTeacher @oshginva25 Hi there! I started making these videos to learn how to sign better, and if you watch them chronologically, I believe I've improved a lot (this video was made 9 months ago, towards the beginning). My intention is not to make a joke out of ASL, but to learn about it, and get others interested in the process. The dirty words are the first things anyone learns in a new language, which is why I started with these.

  • @MrASLTeacher @oshginva25 Secondly, I started picking up ASL in college. There was a prevalent Deaf/HoH population on campus (RIT/NTID), and yes, several of my friends were Deaf. A few months ago, I started to notice that the signs on SigningSavvy weren't accurate, so I've since moved to learning from LifePrint. I've also started Skype-chatting with a Deaf friend, to make sure I'm understanding things correctly.

  • @MrASLTeacher @oshginva25 Thirdly, I have a disclaimer in the "Description" section of every video that explains I am not an interpreter and these phrases are probably closer to SEE than ASL, as I'm still in the process of learning sign language. If you have qualms about a particular video, please let me know which signs I'm doing incorrectly, or how to better phrase things (again, I didn't quite understand topic-comment structure when I made this one), and I'll upload a new one. Thanks!

  • She's doing this for entertainment. If you don't like it or need to criticize it, leave this page and watch another video of something else. She is having fun, and she will ultimately continue to make more regardless. She made her disclaimer. You may be deaf, but you're not blind.

  • @MrASLTeacher As she said- if she's wrong, just let her know.
    She and all of us would – LOVE – to know the more correct version. So please help us all.
    I know i've always been drawn to it, and even petitioned my university to count asl as a 2nd language (they rejected, so i ended up w/ french- ewww.) Buti always try to learn and pass on as much ASL as possible.

  • Oddly enough, as a sound engineer, it has been one of the most useful tools i've ever learned and passed along when possible. (it's sooo much easier to sign "shut the fuck up and play bass" than it is to yell it… and the band can "hear"/see it all the way across the venue. Adding "fucktards" to it, is just more realistic and fun!

  • Due to the enormous amount of people who spend time surfing youtube to complain about something, I request "Haters gotta hate!" lol

  • Hi thfemale,
    Sorry for taking so long to respond to your comments. Firstly, I didn't want you to think I chastise you and I am sorry if I was being blunt. I can see that you are trying to learn to improve your signing skill and I certain hope you did so far. I'd love to show you the correct signs for all of these vocabulary you are using in your videos but I am sure you are nowhere near me. I am easily amused when any hearing people like to learn the sign language with dirty words.

  • I'm starting to wonder if the inaccuracies the deaf community perceives in your videos are roughly equivalent in quantity and quality with their usage of English when commenting on those videos. This comment might seem like a complaint, but it is not. I see the way they use English as a way to understand the syntax of sign language. Therefore my hope is that Kristin keeps making videos and folks fluent in American Sign Language keep commenting. 🙂


  • …. The signs of "I" and "penis" you used are incorrect, FYI The way you used "I" is not part of ASL. It's part of SEE.. (signed Exact English). And as for "penis" sign you used actually means hung like a horse or a refer to an animals penis. You are going to make people look like an idiot. ASL is not a simple language. It's actually quite sad to know that people who don't know ASL and actually trust you to use those "dirty" signs. They have no idea what they are getting into.

  • I have a small knowledge of sign language and now find myself teaching in a classroom where I have one deaf student. When I turned to google for help, I happened upon your videos. While I haven't used any of these in my class, I want to say that your videos are hilarious and make me smile. 🙂

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