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Dirty Signs- I Like Your Boobies!

Hey folks! Dirty Signs With Kristin. Today
we’re going to learn a really awesome word. It’s “boobies.” Everyone likes boobies. So
apparently in sign language, there are three different ways to sign the word “boobies.”
The first would be this. They’re all pretty literal, which is really
exciting. So you take your hands, bend them, and show the shape of
the boobies. The second one would be this, which is my favorite… A little more entertaining. And then the third
one, which would be this. So you’re actually knocking, that’s really exciting. Um,
now we’re gonna put it in a phrase, and say
“I like your boobies,” which would be [I] [LIKE] [YOUR – BOOBS] Hooray! [CLAPPING] Hooray for boobies! Alright. Have a great one!

55 Replies to “Dirty Signs- I Like Your Boobies!”

  • I will be using this one. Although probably on hearing girls since I don't live in Rochester anymore so I never see deaf people. =P

  • @madmarino Great question! @lolbarn5 is correct, the whole video is flipped. I used to use a different video editing and recording program and it captured a mirror image instead of a normal one, so all the older videos are flipped. My tattoo is on my right arm, and the bookshelf should be on the left side of the video. Sorry for the confusion!

  • I guess this is somewhat "informative" but your signs are really sloppy and/or plain wrong. The deaf community probably hates you for misrepresenting their language.

  • Your videos are completely inaccurate. While you may have the base of the language you are obviously missing the concepts and depth of knowledge needed to make these videos. I am a working ASL Interpreter and I have interpreted a good majority of what you are trying to show people, point is… you are bastardizing the language and culture as well as the field of Interpreting. Yes there are many ways to interpret these phrases and some of yours are nice SEE but they are NOT ASL. Think pictures…

  • @CatVEllis I understand that, I'm almost completely deaf in my left ear(not saying that excuses it). I had a deaf cousin growing up that joked about it quite a lot and that made me uneasy for most of that time, but I eventually came around to her humor about it.

    That being said, i am sorry I made the comment if it hurt anyone. Forgive me?

  • @CatVEllis Sweet, let me know when you do, I looked at you reply, but the audio sync is off, it's very distracting and confusing. You should do all of thfemale's signs and post them! =)

  • I just found these videos today and I love the concept and I love learning new things, but at the end would you be able to do the signs slower? It's hard to understand some of the harder signs without detailed explanations.

  • @kbellterp @CatVEllis @psychia @JackGTF Hi there, thanks for the comments! I started making these videos to try and gain a better understanding of sign language, so yes I'm aware that some have inaccuracies (thus the disclaimer in the info on every video). This particular video was made 10 months ago, and I feel like I've gotten quite a bit better at ASL since then, if you watch my videos chronologically.

  • @kbellterp @CatVEllis @psychia @JackGTF In any case, I'm more than willing to fix any incorrect signs or phrases you find. Please let me know which signs or phrases are incorrect, what to do instead, and I'll be happy to make a new video. In fact, if anyone is willing to Skype-chat with me, I would love to vet future phrases with you and learn more! If you don't hate me too much, and want to help, send me a message. I know my topic-comment structure especially could use some work. Thanks!

  • @DaleStrickland Thanks! Is this the only video you're having trouble with? I've tried to slow things down and repeat myself in more recent videos, but this one's a bit older so I wasn't aware I was going too fast at that point. Let me know, and thanks for watching!

  • @thfemale

    This was one of my first Dirty Signs videos and I wasn't checking the dates, but I did notice that in other videos the explanations were a lot clearer 🙂 I'll give you more feedback when the next ones come out. Keep up the good work!

  • @thfemale If you are sure that you need some work (which I agree with) why are you making these videos and misleading people? I see that you comment that this is your first video so maybe it isn't the best.. the comment I made above applies to all of your videos. I really do not think you should be making these videos and misleading people into thinking that you know what you are doing because that is NOT the case. Please stop making them, you are doing a disservice.

  • @TheCrizoo Hi there, great question! When I first started making these videos, I was using a different video recording/editing program that captured a mirror image instead of a normal one. My tattoo is on my right arm, and the bookshelf should be on the left side. All the newer videos have the correct normal image. Sorry for any confusion!

  • Out of curiosity, are the different signs for boobies more or less vulgar? Roughly how vulgar are these signs? Is boobies a good translation?

  • Great question! From what I've learned, here's the differences: The hand pointing to each boob is the standard sign for "breasts" or "boobs," The one where it looks like you're juggling is mainly used to show boobs in motion (for instance, to explain boobs jiggling while you run), and the "knockers" one is kind of a vulgar way to refer to them that would be used mainly by men (similar to how a woman wouldn't really call them "nice jugs"). Hope I helped! 🙂

  • All 3 used are fairly slang or vulgar to some degree. They're not what an interpreter would use in a talk on breasts.The sign for "breast"- is like the sign for "member" but lower. on your body . The sign you used can be made in public say- formally but there is a less"bouce" to the sign. (Me-like your-'boobies')-It's a short sentence &can be done in Eng word order.(The phrase " I-like" is used so often- it can be left in Eng word order & be understood in ASL.(no bouncing boobies in public.) 😉

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